[Entry Thread #80] It’s been a roller coaster of a month, and that may even be putting it mildly. Regardless, we hope you’ll join us in making a millionaire this month. Comment to enter!

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  1. I still technically have an account but I refusw to pay premium anymore. Their mods are smug pieces of shit, akin to reddits own bad mods. The market is super cheap and I just am still salty about giving them money

  2. I dmd you. as well, thank you so much for even offering💜

  3. It's not the time that bothers me but it's how dark it gets. We're in the midwest and the sun goes down around 6pm now. Anyone would agree that it's not safe for anyone to drive when it's that dark out,

  4. I would be super interested as well, if and when you are available! Please and thank you💜

  5. Im proud of them for this! Speak up for us! The way sex workers are treated online justifies the disrespect a lot of us get.

  6. Hell yea! They have the best chance given that they're so well known and known for being vocal.

  7. Took me just a few months and only 2 weeks of actually putting my mind to it. I made $10k in those 2 weeks weeks until my Tik tok was removed. Tik Tok is the way— but I’m Perma banned now — so F Tik tok! So I’ve moved on and now use a brand new invite only app called Slushy, which is like Tik tok and OF in one. It actually has discovery so makes it so much easier for us. If you’d like an invite— DM me and I’ll get you an invite!

  8. Uh oh guys, ole Blue is talkin to himself... prions got him

  9. Pfffftttt.... found the nerd who isn't getting any alien cock any time soon

  10. Create two pages on OF. One should be free and the other one should be paid. First generate the traffic onto the free page and then direct the traffic to your paid page for more exclusive content. Please DM me and I will send you the sales funnel.

  11. Would you send to me as well please and thank you?💜

  12. The Food Bank and Meals on Wheels always need volunteers and you will meet a bunch of really nice people.

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. My kids and I will be feeding the squirels in her honour today💜

  14. Just a heads up, my kitty Melk ate some doll hair that ended up tangling itself in his intestines. We didnt realize anything had happened until he started acting real lethargic. Took him to the vet immediately and was told we almost lost him, the artificial hair had caused a mess that made that section of intestine necrotic. $1800 later, they had to remove the whole section.

  15. You seem really knowledgable so I hope you forgive me for asking you, but was J sent into Hubble's deep field to further current data, or a completely different direction?

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