1. I first got on the internet in 1993. For years I reviewed movies online. My average for about 15 years was 90 movies (in the theater) per year. So 15 x 90 is 1350. And this was, by a factor of 100, the worst movie I saw. If I ever meet John Travolta I’m gonna grab him by the collar and tell him he owes me $8.50. (Not worried about inflation. It’s the principle).

  2. Coincidentally, I actually DID have a brief chance encounter with John Travolta only about three months after this ‘Battlefield Earth’ came out. Thankfully, I hadn’t yet seen the film then, so he was spared a collar-grabbing, and I was spared explaining $8.50 in trauma reparations to an arresting officer.

  3. Suddenly, side-hustle building other people’s film-nook shelving. 💰

  4. At least you have Imprint. Getting them in the States can be a hassle.

  5. Are you gonna start or do you need a moment?

  6. Don’t forget to ask if they’re gonna start. Write it down if you think you’ll forget.

  7. I cleared out a closet, took the doors off, and built custom shelves as well as a sliding bookcase. Still have room for another sliding bookcase, two cases can fit in the doorway which I can have swing open, and will have more sliding bookcases in front of those along the wall. So my advice is become a maniac.

  8. “Become a maniac” is nearly always the right answer.

  9. It was $25 Canadian at my local thrift shop. Kind of alot, but I just couldn't pass up on it, especially since I've been looking for one of these for so long.

  10. It’s a great set. I got this when it first came out (I’m just ancient like that), and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Then the flip side is, some boxes arrive seemingly pristine with nine layers of bubble-wrap but upon reaching the center one finds multiple gouges and a dent the size of a tractor tread. Alas.

  12. bro, I'm from a town right outside durham and I hear duke get referred to as an ivy all the time

  13. And they say things like, “Harvard . . . ‘the Duke of the Nawth’.”

  14. I see these pop up every once in a while at my local Half Price Books and I always want to sneak a post-it note on them letting an unaware purchaser know that their odds on ever being able to watch them are slim.

  15. HPB takes 30-day returns, at least. Someone who picks one up in a thrift shop unaware presumably will pay less, but might be stuck redonating the title back into the Thriftstream.

  16. Have everyone pick eleven films: ten by other directors, plus one of their own making. Force everyone to pick their favorite child.

  17. ‘Splatter and Dodge’ could’ve been anthropomorphic henchmen of a Disney villain[esse], or call signs of two surplus pilots during the Death Star trench run, or the name of Satan’s own law firm in a Rowan Atkinson comedy special . . . but NOOOOOOO.

  18. Have this one too. One of my childhood favorites and I had to see all the deleted scenes.

  19. Some argue cutting. the deleted scenes (and the associated rewrites, recastings, redubbings, etc.) are why the movie failed so hard.

  20. I just got the blu ray in the screamtober sale. Ugh. I guess I have to send it to a friend now.

  21. “We had a college fund set aside for you! That's gone now! You had free room and board, two trusting parents, and a social life . . . all gone! You had a TV, a stereo, baseball, tennis racket, a skateboard, a bicycle . . . all gone! You even had SUNLIGHT and a WINDOW in your room!!”

  22. I have to plan my day around watching Tampopo because I know I’m gonna have to get ramen after

  23. Just don’t watch Eating Raoul (your demonstrated food susceptibilities could prove problematic).

  24. You do have to suspend belief in the plot a little more than Seven, but this is one of the most thrilling movies ever.

  25. When the plot of SE7EN is comparably plausible . . . 😉

  26. You got me. All of his movies really are unbelievable, but also suck you into that world at the same time

  27. St. Joseph of Arimathea performing the Deposition of Christ / Descent from the Cross.

  28. 12 monkey things, good haul, surprising to see Arrow stuff at a best buy

  29. Mine recently added 4K Criterion titles, too. Someone in procurement isn’t a streamer, I guess? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Terrible news. I haven’t been this depressed since I saw Watership Down.

  31. It tells you there on the right-side submenu: it’s what happens when one falls down from listening to too much REM.

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