1. Not the flavor for me but I’m really affected by the scent of water. Usually I can smell the cleaning chemicals used for the glass, which affects the taste but I can differentiate between the two.

  2. Have you tried distilled water? The "soapy" taste might come from some mineral or something, which distilled water removes. Bottled water typically has extra bonus minerals that might cause that to taste worse.

  3. I’m a big fan of gin production/ distillation & ethical taxidermy - bit of a rogue one I know 😅

  4. Ooh very interesting idk if I’ve heard of one like that before, I’m a little bit more basic mine are music (includes all listening, composition and performance) and anime

  5. All good! You just look a lot like her if you haven’t heard of her already

  6. The fact that she said “you know yourself better than anyone else” probably means she’s supportive despite saying she doesn’t think of you that way, she likely only said that because she never thought you might be trans. Also, cis people don’t take any hints that you might be trans, I came out to my friends a little bit ago and even though I had been giving them hints for a while they still found it to be unexpected

  7. I’m a very adventurous eater. I eat everything on my plate and the weirder the meal, the better.

  8. It was a really weird sensation when I came out as trans to my friends in person before too, it’ll wear off pretty quickly though

  9. Bruh I hope you guys know that most of them are minors, my answer is cocoa’s mom though

  10. Not until the 2nd or 3rd season I think, also there’s Chino Megumi and Maya who are all 15 or so and cocoa sharo and Chiya who are all 16 or so

  11. This author's got an amazingly funny series of Chino working all sorts of odd-jobs to pay off her debt on his Pixiv gallery.

  12. That’s how it is with K-On for me, great show but there’s a stereotype of K-On fans being racist (which I have seen some fans be racist believe me but the show itself is not prejudiced in nature)

  13. I’m kind of in a weird spot, I remember thinking to myself as a middle schooler that I would date a guy if I was a girl but I always considered myself a straight and eventually bisexual guy until my egg cracked. Now I like calling myself “gay” but something feels very off about calling myself a lesbian

  14. True neutral, I feel like it’s too self serving to say I’m good but I also don’t think I fall into evil, could be chaotic neutral too but I don’t think I’m that unpredictable

  15. Where ma warm jelly when they stab in that shit into me for my heart¿

  16. I know this is really difficult to do, and I'm only capable because of defense mechanisms I'd already had in place,

  17. Apparently it’s possible to shrink in height when taking estrogen, so as a 6’0 woman I actually don’t think I’ll continue to be that insecure about my height

  18. I don’t think autism and social anxiety are the same thing but ok? Like I’m shy and autistic but I don’t have debilitating social anxiety

  19. Souvenir by Bump Of Chicken. It’s the song for the newest opening of Spy X Family and it’s amazing if you ask me

  20. Yea I’m a frequent hot topic goer and I’ve never seen those in there, so consider yourself lucky

  21. I've reacted to legitimate flirting with confusion because I thought it was a joke, does that count? 😭

  22. True, I’m just really bad at telling what’s real and what isn’t, cause I’ve actually (with jokingly or not) gotten hit on at school a couple times over the past couple of months

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