1. Single out 2/7 then another six months of radio silence while they scrap and redo the album!

  2. i’ll believe it when i see it at this point, still excited nonetheless!

  3. Biggest problem with black midi is that they're so unique sounding that it's difficult to recommend similar bands. Thankfully they have three albums, which is enough to a certain extent. The only bands I think sound similar to black midi musically are Captain Beefheart, Primus, The Fall, King Crimson, Imagine Dragons, Fugazi and Nomeansno.


  5. fire exept for the bottom right text is throwing me off

  6. agreed, whose down to make some bootlegs? lol

  7. Runner is about a dog who got killed protecting his idiot owner, sung by said idiot. Mission is the dog singing their side of the story.

  8. also unworthy enough to know how to spell his name right lmao

  9. seems so, when they where releasing it it definitely seemed like they where getting ready for an album rollout.

  10. Street photography is so difficult because after spending some time doing it most people are boring af and really doing nothing interesting or meaningful to note when they’re walking on the sidewalk

  11. yes, it can be pretty boring, but the rush of getting a good street photo is unlike anything else!

  12. The Bisht, the garment he is wearing, is a traditional Arab, not exclusively Muslim, garment worn for events of special occasion and significance. If it was weddings, major festivals and all that, there was likely a Bisht and it was worn by people of high status, like Messi for the Argentine team and the football world. It is not religious in origin.

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