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  1. Are you driving fast enough and weaving in and out of traffic? /s

  2. Christ, been dog sitting for my parents for this month. 2 crazy pups, zero ability to maintain focus, every day since sept 3. Losing my damn mind, love these doggos but Godamn I will never get one in my life

  3. There’s doggy daycare you can drop them off at. They might be useful at teaching the dogs some things

  4. Looks rusted to hell. 500 for parts. I’d buy the hard top.

  5. Yeah taking a break. Too much lost in the gambling account. Thanks for checking in!

  6. Stocks, what country is numba 1, cures to diseases and how to make them.

  7. Dang I’ve contemplated the same thing with mine! Also had it since 05.

  8. Just like OP, Elviscasa appears to be a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on March 20 and woke up two hours ago.

  9. I bought potatoes at the store but that doesn't mean I'm poor. Cause I mashed 'em and ate them with a $30 rib steak 🐻🖕🐂

  10. Fingling potatos are good and cooks fast! a nice pairing with steak.

  11. I did this while I was on shift the other day. It was miserable, but I didn’t need to seek medical attention lol these people must have no spicy-heat tolerance

  12. That or ulcers and heart burn as eaten away at the lining for a miserable time. Ask me how I know.

  13. I like how at the end she just casually puts it on the table

  14. Consider it a job offer. You start tomorrow. Be on time.

  15. Here’s the house painted black…

  16. Bearing in the fan installed 20+ years ago finally said "aight ima head out"

  17. The horse is done with this shit

  18. Is it like one of those cows with the stomach port?!?

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