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  1. All he did was make a silly nitpick. People are blowing this way out of proportion, he even said he likes Andor. Although I do think it was a strange thing to nitpick I don't see why everyone seems to be taking this so seriously.

  2. Blowing out of proportion? He is the one who made a video about people making memes about him and considered it bullying when he has made statements much worse than these memes. He didn’t say he liked Andor I’ve watched his review. My problem isn’t his opinion it’s his whole attitude towards this. People have mentioned to him that the camera and screws in Andor were also featured in the OT and what did he do? He and Josh just started mocking him for the next minute and a half. He is a hypocrite.

  3. if you really think this counts as bullying you should see what other things swt has said because this is nothing compared to his comments on other topics

  4. someone on theory’s live stream mentioned that the security camera were present in the new hope and in classic theory style him and josh just started bullying him instead of admitting he was wrong.

  5. isn’t it more of a flex that europeans don’t need protests against dictatorships?

  6. Im sorry to say but that figure is actually a red version of the yellow Darth Maul from set 7957 back in 2011!

  7. I've heard people on reddit say that gender =/= sex, and it's called SEXual preference, not gender preference, so...

  8. It’s called sexual preference because I prefer to have sex with your mom and not gender with your mom.

  9. im pointing out how stupid your prior comparison is by making an even more ridiculous comparison.

  10. LEDs that emit UV usually do so intentionally and advertise it as a feature. For example, I have several LED grow lamps for when I bring my outdoor plants in for the winter. If it's not marketing itself as being for growing plants then you're likely fine.

  11. mainly star wars. i have some pictures posted on my page if you’d like to see

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