1. Likely that doesn’t include a permit and they don’t want their name on paper.

  2. Or jus t drop the service as soon as they block one of your devices. I'd rather do that and hit them in the wallet than jump through their hoops. 1 person won't make a difference, but I think they're going to piss off a lot of people with this.

  3. I want to cancel so bad but my wife likes it. Fucking cottage, why do I need two account to watch it at the cottage.

  4. If it pops again, don’t just turn it on. Something is wrong, either too much plugged in (space heater does it) or something else. Hope all is well.

  5. Calling cap on this until you verify the start date on your trainer profile.

  6. I understand that there's little bits of metal here and there, but saying that a plastic box needs to be grounded is kinda weird when you think about the properties of plastic. The only thing that could have a slight chance of a shock here is the metal switch brackets.

  7. Idk, I’m new. I’ve been drilled to ground everything. It even keeps the chain of grounding from other boxes/circuits, doesn’t it?

  8. Youre right. Buddy replying to you is ignorant. Some plastic boxes have metal parts in them meant to be grounded so that you dont have to land the ground on the switches. The threads for the screws are metal inside, not plastic, so when you bond your ground to the box, your switches are grounded when you secure them to the box.

  9. Thanks buddy, I thought not grounding is strange and never something I would do. Regardless, if it’s plastic or metal you gotta keep it continuous so it will trip the breaker if something goes south, as my teacher has trained me.

  10. Umm yeah, I don’t think the libs are focused enough. However, I SURE AS FUCK KNOW the conservatives don’t give a fuck about how the cost of living is affecting lower and middle class. Wtf, are people thinking??????

  11. Considering they find the fact canadians cant afford groceries and are starving hilarious, yeah, ill vote bloc before i vote conservative.

  12. I’m in Ontario and I’d vote bloc before the cons, they’re con men.

  13. Shouldn’t the mass shooting in the US be a free space???

  14. Not surprised you’re a single mother, only surprised there is a roof over your head.

  15. Anyone who says that is like 12, every year all the trades happen day of or hours to the deadline

  16. Or kids at college, or any situation where anyone is not at home.

  17. Are these supposed to be easy instructions 😭😭

  18. Wait, you mean there is finally something the US has better than Canada?

  19. Have you not seen our snack aisle or the cereal aisle?????? USA USA USA!!

  20. Good point. Netflix did not think this out well. No surprise there. I let my dad use mine and id be willing to pay an extra $5 on top of the $15 I pay to let him use it. I think that's the better way to do it. They are about to lose alot of revenue

  21. Same, I pay for the highest package when I could be paying like $12 less if it was just me.

  22. I travel a lot for work. I'm not gonna email myself a temp code every fucking night so I can watch something I pay for. I dont even share mine with anyone. I'm just one single dude. The first time I get a message on my account I am canceling immediately. Fuck them

  23. Crave has better shows as well. Netflix’s layout makes it so easy to fine nothing to watch I use it first lol

  24. My delivery was almost perfect. System was down and took two hours.. car was perfect. Now, at -15 my car freezes and I lost almost all functions but driving. Traction control, power steering, the whole nine yards. Kind of fucked up, but let’s see what service says.

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