1. Civil disobedience does not have to mean peaceful protest, some definitions link the two but not all. On the general level it is the refusal to obey laws/orders/commands/etc from a governmental body

  2. Why does that matter, my issue is that you claim it to be peaceful protest but assaulting an officer in defense of another protester is civil disobedience but that is in no way peaceful.

  3. Oh boo, shut the fuck up asshole. If a cop is assaulting a PEACEFUL PROTESTER, the cop deserves any repercussion he gets.

  4. Heart attack because doctors didn't take my symptoms seriously. I love being a chronically ill woman in the United States.

  5. They only talk about how much money they make. We get it, your bank account is your only personality trait.

  6. I'd talk to them about why they want it. Sometimes people don't actually want plastic surgery, they are just raised to believe they need it to be attractive.

  7. I would shrink and ride my cat like a horse. And my dog. Would probably try a frog.

  8. I love it. I'm really into alternative fashion, and think body mods are cool.

  9. Some people think pictures of boobs lathered up with soapy bubbles are attractive. I could not find a reference photo to see what they were talking about, so I took my own version a soapy boobies picture and shared it with someone to see if that is what they meant.

  10. I'm still confused. I think I'll need a visual to better understand. I'm a visual learner, also hands on learner though. Depends on the situation.

  11. Eating. Eating takes so much effort, I'd much rather just get my energy from the sun like a plant.

  12. Same interests. If we can talk about something we have in common, and he's nice and engaged in conversation, there's gonna be attraction there. At least for me.

  13. I don't know them well enough, and don't want to make them feel bad with my bluntness. Meanwhile to my friends I'll be like "I don't want to go because I just don't want to, but you have fun!"

  14. To be fair, I moved back home after my mom begged me to. My mental health was really bad, and she wanted to make sure I got help.

  15. Some people are only friends because they see each other every day. Take that away, and the friendship fades.

  16. I have a side shave and I love it!! So many ladies compliment my hair cut, but will say "I would get a side shave, but I'm afraid I'll look like a guy". You wont! You'll look amazing, AND you'll cut a good 10-15 minutes off hair drying time! It's great!

  17. I absolutely respect smell kinks, but I am begging people to not do this to strangers.

  18. I would be checking out my closet. Barbie has so many fun clothes, it's going to be amazing. I hope I'm the type of Barbie whose hair changes color when it's wet!

  19. If it's a plain black shirt, you could always buy some RIT dye and re-dye it! I've done that to a few of my clothes, and some bed sheets, to give them a nice refresh.

  20. Unfortunately there is one that I would really wish to "restore," which has a multicolored logo, which also was part of the reason I wrote the post. I thank you for your insight

  21. I'm sorry, that sucks. Apparently washing your dark clothes in white vinegar can make them look a little bit fresher, but you're not gonna get the rich blacks back without dye.

  22. I don't think Tom Hiddleston is ugly at all. I do, however, think Loki looks like he smells like sweat and do NOT understand why people find him attractive. And his hair and eyebrows look so fake, it kills me.

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