1. Direct signs of attraction. It's ok to be a little aggressive with it.

  2. All I know is that growing up I was IN LOVE! with Stephanie McMahon. I'd love to see her soles 🀀

  3. Nice! its good to know we are out here lol. Would you describe yourself as a lee or a ler?

  4. A person who does the tickling "tickler" is referred to as a Ler, and a person getting tickled "ticklee" is a lee.

  5. A nice clean pedicure, when the heel has nice curvature, like a nice ball heel, deep extreme arches, especially when in a pair of stilettos and the inner arch/instep sticks out and defies the arch of the shoe lol. I love arches so high they could be an obstacle at a put-put golf course πŸ˜† and I'm not a dirty feet guy, and won't shame those who love them of the smell, but I need them nice and clean lol. AND smell isn't a turn off or deal breaker by any means! I am just not gonna worship your feet if your soles are darker than my soul 😌

  6. Wow I can't imagine (being a lil younger) being an adult with a foot fetish in a time with little to no internet! 😳 thats a very interesting perspective!

  7. Aside from tangibles like shape, size etc. there is something intangible, a magnetic draw which goes beyond merely aesthetics and feel (not into scent).

  8. Damn! I totally a gree with you on the magnetic draw phenomenon! I feel it too!

  9. A very good friend of mine is the head manager at a gentleman's club. I frequent the place a lot to hang out with my friend, and just through hanging out there I was able to experience what you're asking about from the most beautiful girl. She's a size 6, which is right in my ballpark because I love petite feet. I won't go into details about what all we did, but for her she was curious about it and was "all in" so to speak. She's heard about "feet guys" but had never been with one and wanted to experience it. Needless to say I was more than happy to oblige. It was absolutely incredible. It was only a one time thing, but it's something I'll remember forever.

  10. Wow amazing! What was going through your mind when you realized "oh these are the ones."

  11. It's hard to describe because there's so much going through your mind all at once. It's almost sensory overload. Perfectly manicured toes, my favorite color of polish, soft soles, gorgeous arches, not having to feel embarrassed, a girl that is actually interested in the experience, ..... But like you're saying, oh my goodness those were definitely the ones!

  12. Definitely a bosses nyloned feet after a long eventually ends but jobs last much longer. Plus, you'll get away with more shit and if you fuck up'll enjoy the punishment

  13. oh man these are all really hard options to choose from you’re good lol

  14. When a woman is sitting and you can see the little crater like dimples on her thighs 😍 some might call it cellulite but i love it! Bonus points if she's a little thicker! I'm trying hard not to stare haha.πŸ˜„

  15. Using the pineapple as inspiration maybe our symbol could be a bunch of 10 grapes, since the average typical pair of feet has 10 toes each grape would represent a toe πŸ‡

  16. 26 now and never dated anyone. Never asked a girl out, nothing.

  17. Damn, I see myself in this one. I feel this, especially the second paragraph.

  18. There should be some inconspicuous way to flag yourself as a ff person when you're out in public so those that know what's up...know whats up lol. I don't know what it should be or what action to take but like idk if you see me in the store with an empty hanger hanging off the side of my shopping cart I like feet! Lol. Just random thoughts.πŸ˜„

  19. Probably the reason I'm into bigger feet is because they tend to be 'longer' and as a result have more sole, which is my favorite part of the foot. They usually, or at least the ones I like, tend to have my preference when it comes to foot shape. Long, slim, curvy soles and long-ish toes! I'm not opposed to smaller feet though however short stubby toes aren't really my jam.

  20. Foot models I honestly go back and forth. But I'd go with Katana Kombat! She doesn't make feet content anymore but I love her feet soo much, I wish she made more feet content

  21. I remeber being stoked when I first stumbled on her videos. She has amazing feet!

  22. YES! Its actually how mine first manifested. Its still my favorite thing to this day!

  23. Bro are you me!? πŸ˜† I feel you 100% so much so I thought I wrote this and forgot about it haha!

  24. Its hands down...and feet down lol my favorite show right now!

  25. I’ve had my feet worshipped a few times while tied up and I thought it was more fun

  26. Oh my god, my hips. It’s terrible. There’s this soft spot right on the concave of the hip that throws me into a fit if squeezed. Otherwise, poking on my ribs or sides will get me wheezing. There’s this one small spot right where your side turns into your back that has made me scream but that’s a secret 🀐

  27. I M(31) totally agree with you. I'm the exact same way. I have not had any sex in a little over a year because I want to feel a deep connection with someone. The thought of just hooking up just for the sake of screwing doesn't excite me in the least. I'm not judging anyone because I know it happens all the time but it's just not something I search for. I'd rather wait and connect with a women and have a deeper sexual experience. True, genuine emotion is hot as fuck!

  28. Lol. This is the only fantasy on this thread that I could get behind! This definitely sounds like a dream!

  29. Mine isn't extreme but it 100% would involve tickling.😍 just having 3 pairs of feet locked in stocks. One pair of feet are close together the other they are spread apart and the last the toes are facing down so she would be on her stomach if that makes sense. They would all be able to be toe tied if I please. Basically I just tickle which ever pair of feet I choose and mix in some kissing, licking, and toe sucking! Ugh a dream! 🀀

  30. Oh many things that all group into one huge fetish lol. I love the levels of laughter of a women from a sweet giggle to when she can't take it and is laughing uncontrollably. That turns me on a lot. I love the look of feet when I tickle them like the way they twich and jerk. The way the toes flex and spread and her soles scrunch up. The dynamic is a major turn on to like playing mind games especially with feet that are really ticklish, the more ticklish the better 100%. And tied feet or feet that are trapped or secured make it 1000x better! Consensually, forcing the woman to laugh uncontrollably is like a drug haha. Tickling was my first fetish before "traditional" footworship came in the picture. I love it if you can't tell πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

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