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  1. Somehow this token reminds me of Tales from the Loop. The snowfield, the casual clothing and the robot adds up to the feeling of that project.

  2. One thing you need to note is that, unlike Arknights, Genshin gameplay demands execution. CC can be hard in arknights and not be complained about, because of the ability of the player to delegate a lot of the difficulty of the CC to outside sources like guides or walkthroughs, which will provide players with almost deterministic f2p routes to complete the quest if they need to. It's also why FGO can have hard CQs, because the command spell system means they can just brute force their way past a battle every 3 days. Genshin's combat means that it is not deterministic and demands excecution, and that means that the systems that let other gacha games allow their less mechanically savvy players cheese through content is simply not there. In fact, almost all action gacha runs into this problem.

  3. I think stuff like control/aggro/combo doesn't describe well games like GITCG and Yugioh where there is really no "cost" or "mana" buildup like MTG or Hearthstone. I think decks will be mainly differentiated by elemental distribution. Think of it more in the terms of competitive pokemon battling or pokemon tcg, where there will be offensive, balanced and stall teams.

  4. That's a shame. I was hoping deep down that it'd be like a thing you could just keep playing for teapot currency or something so it wouldn't break the general economy but would still have secondary value and allow me to buy more decorations.

  5. It has it's own currency, but it only buys you tcg related stuff like live2d cards and the such

  6. A project that only exists in insider gossip and never getting any offical acknowledgement being axed is just another Tuesday. Not much to say beyond that really

  7. You are wrong about the premise from the start. The idea of the artifact system is to have a endless treadmill for people to work on for their favourite characters to improve them, while on the other hand make the improvement small enough so that they don't have to balance around it. So the obvious answer is just replace it with another infinite treadmill for people to work on for their fav characters. Something like an extra expansion of levels from 100 to 150 perhaps, with a modifed atk curve of 1 atk per level, and exp cost of 2 billion and mora costs of 1 billion per level to start and scaling up from there. That will definitely allow mihoyo to remove all rng from artifacts.

  8. I highly doubt they pulled out of the deal willingly, it's more likely the deal was unable to be renewed due to government regulations and they had no choice, and from what people in China are saying the process for them to get another deal will probably take a long time if it even happens at all.

  9. No, according to all sources i know it's a combination of blizzard demanding netease to make them mobile titles while only allowing them to take a share of the cn version while the global version profits only go to them, asking to increase their profit share on existing titles in cn, demanding netease prepay them 2 years of estimated revenue in advance, and asking for all player account data. Which is such horrendous terms i am sympathetic to netease for once. Netease ceo even tweeted alluding to bobby kotick being a jerk

  10. Current consensus from the cn group seems to be that the team to beat is mona ganyu oceanid, though it's not totally dominating.

  11. I am actually kinda worried about PM being able to keep up with the demands of a live service gacha game, tbh. For all their strengths, speed of content creation is definitely not one of them

  12. scara is roughly as good as c0 yelan traversing over flat ground and slightly worse than c1, as well as being significantly better over rough terrain, having climbing abilities, and contributing to anemo resonance. You can doubt his abyss prowess, but i think it's unreasonable to doubt his utility

  13. Ok but its quite a bit shorter duration, add in a height boost and its limited, I'm also very open to his movement abilities using up less skydweller points.

  14. The cd is also much shorter. c0 yelan has a 10sec cd while scara only has 6 secs. The rough ratio of movement and cooldown is very simir between the 2

  15. Funny enough, they never said Genshin Killer.

  16. That is like saying you need to have the specific wording which isn't even common in the other language though, which is ridiculous. That literally translates to "Comparable to Genshin" or "Equal to Genshin". Wow killers use less aggressive advertising language than that, namedropping the competition

  17. Author here! This user has a lot of Genshin videos, so he's a Genshin CC, in fact the top videos are like this:

  18. Though all the other users you quoted are genshin antis with entire channels dedicated to genshin hate, so I dunno if you are any more trustworthy at all.

  19. The damage isn't even out yet, but if I'm going to think about it, probably National Team Core. Pyro Resonance is huge, and Vaporize is already a great Reaction in and of itself. Mana cost is probably the issue in that kinda party though, so maybe some Omni fetches will help.

  20. I think the first wave of meta will settle on double or triple claymore just because of the sheer power and burst kill potential of the weapon and it's characters. Chongyun is just a incredibly powerful core, and you can do tremendous burst damage both with his talent, wolf's gravestone, and his burst.

  21. Will there be a way to play this IRL? Like if we print out the abilities and images on cards and get dice made up too?

  22. Pssst, if you have tabletop simulator on steam, you can search for 七圣召唤.

  23. The research on global is less comprehensive, so it's harder to say, but for the cn market, the total is slightly growing. But even then that paints a totally wrong picture, because the reality is that almost all the growth was Mihoyo games, while almost all other games has declined these couple years. The siphoning effect of the top games are really strong in the genre because of the live service high commitment model of the games here.

  24. I need someone to throw some cynicism at me because I got chills. HoK is a massive IP with Tencent backing so I'm sure it will actually release. It also looks significantly less "fake trailer" like

  25. Tencent is quite infamous for trailer fraud, to keep in mind. The recent "live" trailer they also released for this game had the credits of a 3d animation company (IE it's actually not real gameplay and just UI superimposed over a cg trailer), so take it with a lot of salt.

  26. When do we usually know a characters best team comp? I’m curious if I should risk pulling for Layla.

  27. i personally don't think layla will outperform thoma for scara in faruzan teams with current scara version. You really want both the pryo atk buff and the resonance since scara lacks attack so badly compared with crit or damage%, and even if you want to run freeze it's safe enough you probably want a more aggressive unit like burst ganyu than the really passive layla, since freeze already gives a lot of survival

  28. Is it not more important to get two elements for his elemental skill? I would think the crit rate for cryo would out perform pyro resonance?

  29. With c6 faruzan he gets way more crit than he need, while atk is his least buffed area

  30. yes, cn calcs. Though a lot of it is c6 faruzan, and scara is just by far the best way to abuse her. The most reliable team is benny thoma faruzan scara, but if you want max damage it's benny yunjin instead, but you have no interrupt resist

  31. sure, here is the yunjin version. Though it's in Chinese

  32. I think it's mostly the auto turret doing a lot of dps, so you can just stall out the 2nd phase. If it didn't do damage past the shield it's actually a pretty hard fight due to how mobile the mecha is and how relentlessly it attacks.

  33. Now I'm curious what would you consider good writing then? FGO is straight up the same with the history stuff. Tbh it feels like you dipped AK before ch7.

  34. Fgo and Fate in general are character based stories where the emotional impact is complete from the text itself and history stuff is just bonuses. Arknights wants to do worldbuilding as a major part of the story and honestly feels like everything is made up chapter by chapter, which really hinders it. The story just doesn't feel planned out in the long term unlike fgo

  35. At least where I live (Japan) computer gaming isn’t really a huge market. It’s growing due to streamers but it’s still pretty tiny all things considered.

  36. Japan is honestly the abnormality among asian nations, tbf. Most others much more closely resemble Korea

  37. Yeah apart losing the Ult camera spin, and an extra trailer, 4*s miss out on nearly nothing compared to 5*s

  38. The main tangible difference is honestly story quest vs hangout and a personal weapon.

  39. Honestly, I'm even more hyped now that we have a road map. I wonder why gachas do this secretive thing where they're super opaque with their plans for the game. Probably some business major told them that's the best way to max profits.

  40. It's more because everything is up to change, and people can get very attached to things that they plan on changing

  41. If that were true there'd be dozens of videos of people doing it. It takes forever because those blooms actually have to land. Enemies in this game will move around randomly and chasing one enemy in this comp causes you to fail the timer.

  42. There are a ton of f2p nilou team full clear videos, and the only reason there aren't a bunch of this video in particular is that A) people don't usually run no artifacts, and B) You can't unlevel talents.

  43. Or, it's because it takes a very long time to do successfully... The talents don't really matter in this. It's all bloom dmg anyways. If it was actually consistent, people would be replicating this all over with no gear. It's just not man.

  44. Very well, here are 3 seperate clears of abyss with no artifacts on

  45. im not even a kokomi main btw. I skipped her first banner planned to skip her altogether had i not lost the 50/50 and rolled Donut.

  46. I would say the same thing is happening to nilou as well. Both the overdwelling on ultimately non-issue downsides as well as Archon banner proximity.

  47. I think the answer is pretty simple. Meta orientated reviewers don't value high floor low ceiling characters. The thing about Nilou is her supremely high floor. In a enviroment where people think about the best case scenarios (everything is well built, you have all characters to use in teams, you execute optimally), she will be underestimated.

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