Biotech expansion announced! Update 1.4 on unstable branch

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  1. What addon did you use for Blizzard frames? Looks cleaner than mine.

  2. What kind of idiot open OLED switch for jailbreak? lol

  3. I never knew this game was an indie game lol

  4. Fix the missing "P" first, Roduction lol

  5. It should actually be the opposite: hypocalcemia causes tetany, which is the contraction of muscles.

  6. So, you're saying more calcium in blood (hypercalcemia) relaxes muscles?

  7. Well, whatever. I was suggesting a product that could help with that.

  8. This stupid driver update gives 50% in all games. I had to clean install the whole drivers. Have been happening since RTX 4080 drivers. geez....

  9. also if another card doesn't work try paypal i know i replied late but this is for the new people coming in to fix this issue

  10. Paypal works but I really want to use direct cc payment.

  11. this was so long ago but im pretty sure i used another payment method and it worked

  12. Another payment method? Not credit card?

  13. VPNs block and manage Internet connections not Apps.

  14. There are tones of other VPN apps that support such function.

  15. Oh, I also made a few purchases of VP.

  16. Where is multi-core support for this game?

  17. Idk why I'm getting downvoted....qq

  18. This '#' trick does not work for VPN Chrome extension. Geez....

  19. It's up to you, just keep it in mind, why are you expecting to see an sd card share if you adopted it as internal storage?

  20. Not sure what you mean by that but I don't think the shield itself has enuf storage for other apps if I think long-term usage.

  21. Either way works, I'm just telling you that it encrypts to that shield, it can never be moved to another shield or taken to a pc without a reformat

  22. It's resolved, but I need to enable 'browse media automatically' option on to see media files and it warns me that it can affect performance.

  23. How does sorry this product is sold out read discontinued to you?? It’s just sold out due to manufacturing issues / chip shortage post pandemic. It’s the latest flagship purifier so will be back and even when it’s disconnected support and parts will be available

  24. It IS discontinued. Google it geez....where's your rage coming from?

  25. Stupid matching system. This game won't last long.

  26. People still use Battlenet in 2022? geez.....

  27. If you purchase MWII (2022) on Steam, you will not be able to access any CoD Points you may own on CoD games while playing MWII (2022). Outside of CoD Points, nothing from MW (2019), BOCW, or Vanguard will transfer to MWII (2022).

  28. So basically, I'm starting fresh new. Nothing transfer....

  29. Your initial question in this thread about Pregabalin causing one's brain to work slower during the day...holy hell is that me. It's my second day using Pregab (only 25mg) and not only is my anxiety WAY worse because of this "brain slowness," but I feel semi-mentally retarded. Seriously. I took Gabapentin for a time a few years ago and it was almost just like this with Pregab. Any idea why Gaba meds (or antiepileptics) could cause this for me? I was put on the shit for anxiety and it messes me up so much that it puts my anx thru the roof. Wish I understood why. I read so much about ppl being helped by Gabapentin and Pregabalin and that has NOT been my experience with either of those drugs. The complete opposite.

  30. I've never seen a single person who responds to Buspar. Prolly 100% placebo.

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