1. In all seriousness though I do find it entertaining showing off my bush, if people enjoy it then I'm happy :)

  2. “Enjoy” is probably an understatement. It’s very hot! And dare I say, don’t feel like you need to stop at showing just the bush. You have my support to show much more.😉

  3. I've been growing it for about a year now, I love having it. Always gets a good reaction when I take my panties off.

  4. Oh, I can just imagine in person what it must be like, because seeing via a picture certainly got a reaction from me.😋

  5. Phenomenal.😋 Would love to give you something to sit on.🤤

  6. How about a cock print too?😋

  7. It appears that you’re getting the handle of Reddit.😋

  8. Would never have guessed 47. More like 27 from what I see.😋

  9. Just keep doing whatever you’re doing!😊

  10. Why couldn’t that have been me to have caught you??🤤

  11. She’s gonna start a fire doing it like that.

  12. You can say ‘yes’ when I invite you to taste.☺️

  13. Mouth ready for your big titties.😋

  14. And I’m not gonna stop you.😋

  15. I can see why Sweet & Thick 😋

  16. Looks like you found the release valve.☺️

  17. It’s definitely unstoppable 😋

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