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  1. Middle is when they make a trade with Lin, some of the girls for guns and ope snaps cause Lyla is about to get freaky with some dude in the back. If im not mistaken this is outside when jax and clay were talking

  2. YES!!!! Bilal is actively breaking Shaeda down. Negging her, creating strife with his family saying she said things. He is vile.

  3. I agree but i truly believe Emily is doing the same shit. Being beyond controlling and not allowing Kobe to learn and grow as a father and also a US citizen. Downplaying and judging his every move, wants to be completely in charge but doesn’t want to have to work or start doing her part to take care of her family. Takes advantage of his language barrier and intentionally “misunderstands” him whenever he speaks or tries to explain himself. Creates situations and then turns them around on him, especially in front of her parents so she can play this “woe is me” character. Class A martyr 🗣

  4. Omg 🥺🥺🥺 sooo adorable!! My old boy is named charlie too!! And he does this anytime i come home 🤣

  5. My chonker loves this pose. We call it "The Buddha Pooch with Sexy Leg."

  6. I love it when he sticks his leg up straight in the air like a burlesque dancer lol. I often call him “fancy feet” or “legs”

  7. Please let Legs know that he has magnificent toe beans. Also, the belly is glorious! Would suffer through a mauling to give him scritchins. ❤️

  8. he has the most adorable toe beans and he definitely knows it! Lol. If you catch him when hes super relaxed you may pets the tummy soft and slow. But any other time you will encounter the spicy boi. Worth it though to feel that big ol fur pouch

  9. Its my baby charlies 12th day today!! Birthday brothers 💛💛💛 happy birthday tiger <3

  10. Thanks. Some people must have some very unfulfilling lives, and feel the need to fuck over other people. On the bright side, I’m just glad that I am me, and I get to live my life. I would hate to have a life like theirs, where I get off vandalizing random peoples’ property for no fucking reason.

  11. Sorry you had to deal with this!! I had some neighbor recently put a literal heaping pile of shit on the hood of my land rover. Luckily it was still semi fresh when i found it so i was able to get it off and no damage cause of it. People fuckin suck sometimes. Chin up mates <3

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