3. Try the way out by Alan Gordon or break through pain by Shinzen Young

  4. They are Wrestling and MMA. Krav Maga and Taewkondo suck, Muay Thai is good but not the best.

  5. I really appreciate your response but I don’t believe using unnatural drugs can be a permanent solution to a mental disability

  6. What is this exactly? I can’t find relevant articles on google related to ifs therapy. Is this internal family systems therapy?




  10. Sleeping with someone can make you more attached to them and it can hurt if they don’t want a relationship.



  13. For a free online meditation training try


  15. A lot of people who think they have adhd actually do not p


  17. Really question, do you think he would of been happy with the way that Amazon have used the lore of lord of the rings?

  18. He didn’t even like the Peter Jackson films because they were too different so no.

  19. He was very critical on the LOTR trilogy. How would he have reacted to the Rings of Power series if he had been alive?

  20. He wouldn’t have said anything publicly. He later denied ever criticizing the movies (even though he did) and didn’t say anything about the hobbit films.

  21. Naruto is a battle shonen manga, you can try any of the other battle shonen.

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