1. Is it just me or is someone waving a white flag at the 8:32 mark and then the tank proceeds to just blast that exact position

  2. Tanks seem to be a waste of money. Where are the fully AI tanks?

  3. Tanks dont seem to be very tanky in this day and age. How has no one figured out technologies to detect anti tank mines yet? Youd think tanks were all built out of paper the way they lite up out here 😂

  4. If I see a brig far away, I just go ahead and sell immediately, then go check out the brig.

  5. Its not negative, its reality as every gamer has a rage quit moment at some point. Get off your ultra serious high horse already. Who cares 😂

  6. If that's how you interpreted the post, that's fine. I was more concerned with you sifting through ancient posts on a sub to comment something pointless that nobody will ever see. Just checking in on you buddy.

  7. Bruh reddit shows people old posts on their feed. Why your looking to walk away from the conversation with some superiority complex is beyond me. Its reddit bruh. No one actually cares

  8. Many a person has died in my lifetime and I don’t really mourn them. I’m actually with you and never understood why anyone gets upset about death. Just gonna see ya on the other side in one place or the other!

  9. The problem your going to run into is known history. You can argue that the teaching somehow conflicts (I don’t see this demonstrated for any topic here), but all you did was copy pasta without going into anything with details.

  10. Go learn the difference? Go learn the definition? I don’t care about definitions. The fact is both republicans and democrats are a cult. They all have fanatical people who defend their party for one reason or another. For example you appear to be very disturbed by the proposition democrats are a cult backing this up that its impossible to consider them a cult as there are no leaders. Yet the dems have leaders and so do the pubs.

  11. Why are you personally offended over a political party being a cult? Theres no need to react that way to something so trivial. No political parties care about their members, just power. Thus all cults strive for power and to keep that power within. Their members learn apologetics about other systems that oppose them and even try to convert other’s. Democrats and republicans try to convert each other or strive for power at the expense of their followers all the time.

  12. I’d rather just wait for a fof to get a similar amount of athena kegs.

  13. Quantum entanglement. That a particle can be manipulated and then instantaneously manipulates another particle even billions of light years away. It is by far the wildest scientific fact considering the world is supposed to just be natural

  14. Yeah, cheaters/hackers have been teleporting in and nabbing the loot lately.

  15. US tech is definitely going to be able to better defend against this stuff, but you also have to consider the bigger picture. If the US goes to war against anyone, they aren’t going to send apaches forward until they have gone to town on the enemy IADS. If a war starts against NATO, they are going to go in and take out the long range search radars, the airfields and the command nodes… and that’s just the first 3 hours. Then they are going to roll in and start taking out all the heavy SAM systems so you’re just left with the mobile ones who are going to be terrified of firing up their radars because every time they do they get a HARM shot at them.

  16. Didn’t everyone say the same thing about Russia before they stepped foot in Ukraine? That all these perfect war plans and thoughts would play out as expected? I’m not the most studied on war but it seems to me that virtually all opinions pre war should be inversed and the most likely outcome is the one masses don’t believe.

  17. Except that we know what NATO can do, many people thought that the Russians were on the same plane .. we quickly found out they were no longer a comparable foe to what NATO can leverage if needed.

  18. I don’t think anyone is capable of ending this war in 2 weeks when its slated to last another decade or so. I agree on the initial attacks etc. but over the long haul, Nato is very poorly positioned to actively engage anyone. It would have to end fast, otherwise it would fall into the same trap all entering war think: it’ll be over by Christmas

  19. God confirms that He let His subjects to benefit from His Grace, but also He confirms that He allowed majority of His creation grow like a farmer for the hellfire. A'raf 7:179

  20. This point about Paul seems quite moot when there were 12 disciples all with their own missions that established church communities in multiple countries that grew up separately. Paul never went to Alexandria for example, yet the Alexandrian tradition and bible see Jesus as God. There is simply no reason for the 12 to leave Jerusalem and immediately travel as far east as India, west as Spain, south as Ethiopia, north as Ukraine, all in the 1st century. They all spread their message unto death.

  21. > This point about Paul seems quite moot when there were 12 disciples all with their own missions that established church communities in multiple countries that grew up separately. Paul never went to Alexandria for example, yet the Alexandrian tradition and bible see Jesus as God.

  22. Paul wrote the letters to Timothy from Jail and then was martyred the next year. There is no evidence Paul lived after Neros persecution and if Paul corroborated, they did a horrible follow up job with their 10 mass persecutions not ending until Diocletian which was the 10th and worst one. The Roman empire only tried its hardest to rid itself of Christianity, but it refused to go away. It never even fought back, it simply persisted in the face of illegality and massive persecution.

  23. Honestly the only faction to run after pirate legend is reapers. You can turn in all the loot in one place and get a bonus on it no matter what it is? Once I got PL i never ran another faction ever again aside from Athena. For which I maxed that out and went back to reapers lol

  24. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

  25. Its a point that one should not rely on their own understanding of things. God already provides a way of life and wisdom for how to approach various things in life as an ultimate truth.

  26. I don't know, as I'm not Lee Strobel.

  27. Family was atheist and parents are converts. Got baptized at 14.

  28. Well that’s just rude, at least say no and fight like normal, don’t Get there hopes up just to erase it

  29. Its sea of thieves, not sea of friends or sea of respect or sea of D20 😂

  30. Just because something is in the name doesn’t mean we use or play that way, for example in Team Fortress 2 no one really plays as a team

  31. Yes but I would reject their doctrine as its Arianism repackaged for the modern day. Anyone in their group that believes Jesus died and rose again would be Christian.

  32. Wow thanks for still ignoring all my questions despite me answering yours. Super rude btw.

  33. Indeed. Blockchain and chip technology have finally made the mark of the beast possible. While that possibility exists I would imagine the end is close

  34. Thats an interesting point. AR/VR does present reality in mans making. Could be how they get everyone indoctrinated to the anti christ

  35. I think they need to make the circle get smaller over time. All too often Iv had people just run for over an hour. This would solve that as you cannot camp anywhere

  36. Absolutely but the details matter with regards to the origins of belief. There simply is no other belief system spawning out of a city where the founders felt it so important to get the word out that they hit Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Israel (where it started out of), Egypt and Ethiopia all within the 1st century when witnesses of Jesus resurrection would have been around to confirm or deny such things.

  37. This doesn’t add anything to your point and misses what I’m conveying. Im saying the best explanation for Christianity is that Jesus existed and rose again. There is virtually no need for a group of Jews to go out into the world preaching that Jesus rose. After the 1st century crazy ideas like yours start to pop up as an attempt to explain it. But it all honestly falls short when you consider events directly after the resurrection

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