1. He's killed alot of people, he was just directly responsible for one.

  2. Exactly. Normally when we travel we hike, swim, etc. If I visit Australia, what am I gonna do - live in a bubble?

  3. I lived in a tent. Wasn't that bad.

  4. I would strongly suggest Tysan at all sask radon if you need testing/a system installed.

  5. Will Farrell in the other guys.

  6. The funny thing is, Trudeau used to brag about being pro gun, and growing up around rifles shotguns and handguns.

  7. But then his handlers let him know it doesn't fit the narrative of how they want things to proceed.

  8. Mid efficiency furnaces are the best in my opinion as far as maintenance and reliability. As someone in the HVAC field I feel for people that see Gregg’s or Centennial pop up first on the google search and get taken for a ride.

  9. We have a Carrier infinity 96, which from my limited knowledge is a pretty good unit. And ten years isn't that old, despite what the centennial guy said.

  10. Just fyi those furnaces work fine, it’s the parts that will give you grief when it comes to repairs. To buy a board (such as invoice above) from either local Carrier wholesaler is $700 give or take, the inducer motor is around $1000, and those are wholesale prices. Major parts typically start failing between 12 - 16 years give or take, often when my customers have Carrier/Bryant and a couple other brands with parts that expensive we end up replacing furnaces not long after ten years.

  11. Are they more expensive because they are "premium" brands? And replacement rather than repair because your a quarter of the way to a new unit cost wise anyway?

  12. My guess was either south sask or ab. So close enough.

  13. I am also 5’8 but have never been called short in my life, I thought women like this didn’t actually exist

  14. I'm also 5'8. I've only been called short once by this chick I'd seen a few times. It was the last time I saw her and I'm pretty sure that was her way of pushing me away rather than ending it. I'd already fucked her though and she went out with me a few times, so my height obviously wasn't that big of a problem...

  15. So where am I going to park? I'm not walking 6 blocks to get here...

  16. Do you have mobility issues?

  17. No. I'm just not sure this is the answer to the arena problem. Maybe I'm wrong and it won't be the shitshow I'm envisioning.

  18. Yes this is very true. Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears until people are personally affected by it. And even then it will be short lived.

  19. Sometimes the workplace is creating these conditions by not having sick leave. No sick pay means for some that they have to go to work or they lose their home.

  20. Oh totally. Then productivity goes down further than it would have if they just paid that one person to stay home. Now you potentially have multiple people at home not moving the company forward. Lots of managers and owners don't look at it like this though.

  21. Sucks to have no confidence in the team while watching games. It's just not fun to watch the past couple weeks, reminds me of Glen Gulutzen hockey.

  22. Isn't allowing the least amount of shots on goal the whole point....

  23. Thats an insult to dogshit.


  25. These guys have been getting their dicks slapped so much lately they are starting to question if they like it or not.

  26. Anyone can play… as long as they aren’t under 5’11.

  27. Could also be trapped gas. Last time I had a clogged sink I used liquid plumber, didn’t work, then a drain snake, that didn’t work. So I turned off the water main and drained the whole system. Fixed the clog and was the easiest method.

  28. You can also buy a sink plunger which works well and will save you $945 probably.

  29. Needs more red. Not too much though.

  30. I would get the head framed. Fucking legend of a ball striker. Hoping he passed on some of that flush goodness to you brother.

  31. The whole club might look good framed too.

  32. I'm afraid I substituted 5 ugga duggas for a few click clacks.

  33. I can't find my ball a quarter of the time in good conditions as is...

  34. How do you like brighton? We are house shopping again and brighton is on our list of possible neighborhoods.

  35. Did you over pay? Probably. Will they be worth it? Probably.

  36. Yeah yeah and you also had to walk uphill to get to school. Let's skip the part where housing was significantly more affordable back the in black and white tv days.

  37. Yeah i hear that from the older generations all the time too. My interest rate was X amount higher than yours suck it up. Yeah but your house was also like $80k brand new...

  38. I just checked this too. It does seem like you are correct sir.

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