1. I wish I could pull off short hair as an FG! I had a short wolf cut last summer (‘21) and liked it but people were always asking when I was going to grow it out. Now that it’s longer people tell me it’s looking better 🥲

  2. I saw this and thought it was a nice contour job. Then I remembered I’ve been watching a lot of Trixie Mattel videos recently

  3. Putin’s terribleness, borzois, and fyodor from bsd.

  4. He would be upset, as he should be, but he’s more mature and definitely has the capacity to understand the circumstances. Even if it hurts, I think he’d eventually come around.

  5. meanwhile me, a Yosano fan and manga reader, ready to feel a different type of pain

  6. Snapping scapula is joint noise (aka Crepitus) it is not a subluxation or dislocation. Crepitus and a subluxation are nowhere near the same thing, and feel entirely different.

  7. For me it’s more of a “thunk” or “clunk” sound/sensation but I do have one that is sometime a pop or a crack. Everyone is different and experiences the sensation of subluxation differently as a result. Heck, even in one person the sensation can be different depending on the joint! For example it doesn’t hurt when I sublex my shoulder (well immediately, the rebound tension 12-24 hours later can be a mofo) in fact it can feel kind of good. It’s like getting a full stretch. It kind of feels like mentally zoning out but just in my joint. But if one of my metacarpal bones in my foot goes out, as soon as I put weight on it it feels like I’ve stepped in a Lego. It’s fucking awful.

  8. Wow, I relate to this. I assume the deep-seated pop in my hip is related to dance, since most of my peers crack their hips often. But it feels good sometimes. My hand goes out about once a year, definitely feels like a Lego in my bones

  9. Currently a college student hoping to go to med school and become a doctor :)

  10. Definitely not severe.. Neither me nor my fam have chronic/joint pain. I don't know if this is due to us having always been very sporty/athletic, or if it's just a cEDS vs hEDS thing?

  11. it’s interesting to see how much of a difference there is within families. the itchiness sounds super annoying tho

  12. Just recently diagnosed with cEDS here! My main issue is joint instability and subuluxations, which really have only started since I hit my late 20s. Some days I'm not in much pain, but other days (especially before my period) I can barely move without something coming out of place or causing some sort of nerve pain (like someone said above me). My back hurts most days in random areas, but I find standing up and moving around helps a lot! I'd say my knees and shoulders tend to be the most unstable. I also get more easily injured now than I did a few years ago and have various soft tissue issues like worsening tendinopathy from a single mild blow to my elbow and hip bursitis.

  13. I feel like I come across as a 5w4, but that’s pretty close to my actual type lol

  14. Once you get far in the game, making Aubrey and Kel interact and become enraged is a game changer. Beat down and head butt do a lot of damage. However, defense sucks on anger. Kel nuke is also great.

  15. Study some ISFP functions and how Fi interacts with Se, as well as how Si backs up Fi in the INFP.

  16. I know it deals with a medical condition, but it’s always startling to be taking a scroll through Reddit and coming across a photo of someone’s grippers in my main feed

  17. I have contamination OCD so I’m obviously biased, but it sucks because all of your concerns are actually legitimate. Being near someone sick CAN make you sick. Also, wearing a mask and being afraid of germs is now politicized and you can get harassed for it.

  18. Just told my doctor. She asked me a few questions and ordered an ANA. It came back as a low positive, but I had no other symptoms or abnormal tests so we just let it be

  19. I can't drink- as in one sip makes me flush and feel dizzy. A beer? Throw up all night, get a raging migraine. A shot of hard liquor? ER. For one thing, had no clue one sip doesn't make everyone flushed and dizzy. Couldn't figure out how anyone drank so dam much at college.

  20. I think it’s my ssri, but I swear I get really really dizzy/get the spins after only a bit of alcohol. Also, I recently got a really bad rash off of a low by-volume wine. I had to go host a Christmas party right after 🥲 not diagnosed but still weird

  21. make sure you add facial framing of some sort! side-ish bangs and face framing/blending are necessary for me to look good

  22. in need of therapy, why do you have so many negative words :((

  23. Have you looked into POTS? There’s some overlap with Raynaud’s there

  24. It’s been mild out this week and I’ve been home, so pretty good! But once I get back to school next weekend I’m sure it’ll be a different story.

  25. I was looking at this like it was normal and then remembered I have Reynauds. Lmao. I don’t see a doctor about it. I know I have it cuz my mom does and my feet also do this.

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