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  1. Happy sneeze-versary to all my gme brotha/sista apes that are in bbby

  2. I remember going through this same crap with GME. It dropped like $100 in a day. The fact that this dropped during business hours makes me wonder what’s happening after hours today

  3. Can some people familiar with the matter tell me how to sort the daily by new on android?

  4. ban for drawing 2 peepees in my good christian subreddit

  5. It's easy to sort by new, but scrolling through charts is kinda annoying, in my humble opinion

  6. change your reddit picture to a butthole now pls, for old times sakes

  7. BBBY might be gone because of BABY/TEDDY/GMERICA SPINOFFFF 🚀

  8. Was scrolling through RC's twatter. Looked to seem that their are more tweets than I was aware of.

  9. Buy now, (sell)-abrate later on Uranus - Anthony Chuwumba, probably

  10. Can a kind ape link me to the most recent DLauer's petition? Thank you in advance


  12. What software is this? I’ve seen it everywhere, but can’t seem to figure it out, thank you in advance :)

  13. Waiting patiently for the brainiacs to get here.

  14. Good *Girl Katherine Walden (Attorney-In-Fact) has written it in green for fellow smoothbrains

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