1. Can you only cum when you rub your clit? How about when he does it? Maybe ask him to do it first, then it won't feel strange when you do it yourself.

  2. He’s actually done it before, and I liked it a lot actually. I can only cum when there’s attention on my flit so 85% of the time we do missionary because bus abdomen/pubic area hits my clit when he’s fucking me. He himself told me I should start doing it but I just feel awkward doing it, idk why lmao

  3. I think it's pretty common. No need to feel awkward about!

  4. It's not that big of a deal. There are plenty of people that like getting roughed up without the desire to reciprocate

  5. Lol. If you're gonna copy a story at least copy a decent one

  6. I guess this is one of the rare positives of COVID and isolation etc.

  7. This game is incredible touching, there were a few times that I cried. Not because I'm going through a breakup, but it still touches emotional nerves. I mean, this game goes there. Into the real, fucking tragic, sad parts of life. It's pretty great, there's never been a game like this.

  8. Really does. It's so raw. Bloody love that. Not enough games or media in general explore this stuff. There's things that I wouldn't have been able to relate to previously, or haven't experienced in my life that I had a massive emotional response to.

  9. The game knows about the desperate desire not to remember, to avoid anything that even has a chance of reminding you...

  10. Yeah that's it. Replacing those events with some fantasy or intoxicating yourself into oblivion, or whatever. Fuckin sick how the main character doesn't really come across as insane, imo, as everyone is so familiar with that desire and would legit do anything for it.

  11. I need to play it again, I thought getting money after the first night was unavoidable. Can you actually pass all the days just by scrounging cans?

  12. If you don't scrounge money off Joyce (which lets be honest is not hard), it is fairly difficult to pay your dues on the first night. Unless you know what you're doing and/or thoroughly scour the rest of the sources of cash.

  13. Whaaa? You can get money from Joyce? I thought you only can pay your rent for the night by selling Kim's spinners.

  14. IIRC you can get somewhere in the region of 100 reál from Joyce on day 1. I think it requires you to have progressed some other task(s) and also pass a dice check. Joyce doesn't go to sleep, so you can go get the money after everyone else disappears. This gives you a bit more time to get the prerequisites for the dialogue.

  15. I am pretty sure you are least partially trolling, but I can relate to this.

  16. Same issue, on PC, 2 months after this post - still no fix sadly.

  17. Tell them you have Crohn's disease (or another bowel issue) and so you have to poop very often. Then you have a reason to go to the bathroom a lot. And a reason to use the more private facilities (with lockable doors etc.). They will be more sympathetic if it's a physical, medical issue than a psychological one.

  18. Yeah I get that too. Good luck with it. There's not a huge amount you can do other than hope for the best. Telling your classmates might help. I have a lot of shame about it so I wouldn't do that personally but everyone's different.

  19. Yeah I know the exact sensation. I think it's because I know, mentally, that I can't actually pee so the body starts sending different messages to the ones you get when you are at home and peeing is a realistic option.

  20. Ok so I just did the instance again and this time I killed every enemy that I could find.

  21. I don't know why you would do that on a practice run... But it should state that.

  22. I agree! Maybe "exploration quest" implies that you have to be thorough, but even so...

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