1. I ran really well the past two nights, it was a beautiful sunshine day where it was a treat walking to the office… and got let go this morning!

  2. I'm rambling because I'm reallllly delaying sending an email I don't want to- I'm genuinely sorry if you read this hahaha

  3. I am blessed to live in an area where terrible hills are very accessible (there's one that's 200ft of elevation in less than .1 mile!), so I run about 1500-2000ft of elevation weekly across four runs on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  4. This sounds amazing and horrifying. I will think about you as I try to squeeze a few extra 100 ft of elevation out of my long run. I've sort of maxed out the amount of time I can put towards exercise per week right now (just kid and work stuff), but I'd love to throw in some cross training over the summer. I am pretty good at slow running though, so I probably get more low HR running in than most casual runners.

  5. It's awful, and I'm glad that I don't have any other option... there is nothing more fun than running a flat course and PRing because I'm so used to handling a metric ton of elevation haha. It's how I PR'd my 5k time once - because I'd been running like 2000ft of elevation a week and then raced on one that was like, 100ft worth.

  6. I discovered a great set of parallel streets with about 8 cross streets between them that are all around a half mile long. The parallel streets go downhill on the right side and uphill on the left, so as I bounce between the two streets I get a mild elevation change up and down. I basically do an entire loop first, then run down to the second lowest street and loop up to the third lowest, then fourth, and etc until I'm back on the street closest to my home.

  7. it’s 5 elliptical workouts of 5 mins each. I’m at like two for the month… it’s been beautiful running weather and I’ve wanted to be outside!

  8. Oh god, I think I have shopped this running store before! It’s a really good shop, imo.

  9. Today has been one of those days where I just get to deliver bad news to everyone all day. Including my favorite client, who I've been working really hard to build trust and a good rapport with. I even have my dog with me because I knew it would be stressful today, and he's been a great little guy napping but it's not helping how it normally does.

  10. y'all I was at a run club and there were some folks talking about Kate and her injury so kindly... and then they proceeded to talk about trying to get her Big Sur entry from her since she's injured and probs shouldn't run it lmfaoooo

  11. This is barely snark but the word Chiseled truly just makes me think of Handsome Squidward lmao

  12. I do merch and specifically handle this scenario often. When I have tours go out, product that is sold on the road that is not sold damaged (ie a hidden hole in the armpit the vendor missed, etc) is not generally product I’ll replace unless there are several affected pieces because the shipping and product costs come out of our pocket, but the sales report for the show can’t be altered at that point. It causes inaccurate sales tracking and we all know this store doesn’t need that considering their existing merch fulfillment issues, lol. The two point of sale systems are usually fully separate so they can’t just refund you remotely, either.

  13. Thanks this is very helpful and I’m wondering if there will be more reports of this specific shirt (white tour shirt with multi color eras on the front) having issues after coming out of the wash. I hope not but I’ve done screen printing before and it seems like the ink used on this didn’t settle or was of poor quality

  14. It likely worked out to be cost ineffective to do a traditional pull on this. It looks like it’s a 9-10 color print and would have to have an under base too, which would be realllll thick; I’d guess it’s likely direct to garment/digital printing. Those tend to wash best turned inside out because the heat from a washer/dryer will cause fading/cracking over time as a trade off for that color count.

  15. had to take today off bc i got a migraine that i am sort of managing now. the irony is that i just had a conversation this weekend with some friends about how debilitating being chronically ill can be, but also that i internalize it as a "weakness" and give myself a hard time for something i ultimately can't control. i'm working on changing my perspective of course, though it's an arduous journey 😓

  16. I have chronic back pain and a heart condition, and have also had to navigate this. My mantra has become that as long as I'm doing my best on any individual day, and I'm listening to what my body needs, then I am excelling at my training plan. You are your best athletic version of yourself when you know it's OK to take it easy and prevent a potential injury.

  17. I was kinda pissed bc I only made it 14 miles yesterday on my run and I was trying for 17. I got the world's worst cramps at like 11 miles and I also did like, 1250ft of elevation, so I called it at 14 and said I was happy with my performance because that still is pretty great considering. I took almost 10 minutes off this very, very hilly pass from the first time I ran it and then I ran through my old neighborhood, which I love to pieces because there's a ton of tree cover and very few cars on this one stretch of Rich People Houses.

  18. This post made me run along to her setlist from her first show date. For me, I repeated "Cruel Summer" at about 14 miles at an 'easy' pace; at a harder pace, I would've been closer to 16 or 17. (I run on quieter roads and so tried singing along a few times and it wasn't impossible, but definitely sucked and didn't sound good hahah)

  19. … if we’re talking about burning calories, you burn around that in 30 minutes running. And I’ve burned about 50-100 less than that walking for the same amount of time. This is such a weird thing for her to point out.

  20. I saw someone else comment “if they can’t fix it in 5 minutes, don’t snark on it” a while ago and I think that I like that. If someone’s extensions are bad, that’s one thing but saying that someone needs a surgical procedure to “improve” their looks is another.

  21. I say that tons too! It’s just the best rule of thumb; I personally don’t comment on cosmetic surgery until they start looking less like Dolly and more like Farrah Abrahams… I don’t care if someone gets work done, until it’s ridiculous and obvious they have.

  22. I'm curious about your fueling habits - if you're not eating enough calories, are you burning out because you need more food? I do a club on Thursdays where I've PR'd my 5k one week and struggled through a week later- and a lot of the time the only difference is that I didn't eat a good enough lunch that day or dinner the day before.

  23. Wow the fuel thing might actually be a huge part of the problem… I’m very inconsistent with eating and often skip meals… Dinner the day before can actually impact a run? I just assumed it was ok if you ate something an hour before. I need to make more of an effort

  24. If your body is running consistently on too little fuel, it can def mess with you! I’m terrible about remembering to eat lunch or pushing it til 5ish, and when it clicked that I need to eat a good lunch, it helped a ton. Same thing with when I have morning runs with having a good dinner the night before- I found I performed better when I’d had full meals consistently!

  25. Confession: I'm so addicted to filling out my personal heatmap that I've started running all the semi-private suburban streets around my neighborhood.

  26. I do this too, but there’s an app that collects “explorer tiles” and I’m also become obsessed with that. It’s so motivating- I think I’ve caught all tiles within a 7 mile radius of my apartment, which means I’ve gotta start getting to 8/9 mile radius points to get new ones!

  27. Yeah I use StatsHunters, which does tiles too. When most runs start from your door you inevitably get to a point where your exploration stagnates (unless your long runs are extending), which is why I figured I'd run every last inch of pavement in a given radius before actually driving somewhere to start getting them other squares 😁

  28. I like Statshunter! I've been using Smashrun / Healthfit / Apple Fitness lately; Healthfit offers the tiles and the heatmaps without me having to push any data so I can be laaazy.

  29. Honestly? Love it. This is super wearable for me at work and everything... I love daylight as a first kit but would prefer something a little more neutral. I am hoping the pink is a little more saturated though...

  30. Lmfao my husband has never once signed his name at the end of a cute note bc … who the fuck else would it be from

  31. Mildly related- my partner and I have the same first initial that has an optional line, so when we do holiday gifts I do things like "from Z + Ƶ" but I continue the bit for our own gifts; it's really funny to see gifts that say from Ƶ, to Z. Our families tease us about it because they also are fully aware I usually buy all the sentimental holiday gifts and my partner buys the gift cards, lmao.

  32. STOP THAT'S EVEN BETTER- stealing this tonight.

  33. I truly love my gym, but there’s no down time?! I tried early morning, I tried middle of the day, afternoon, evening.. all the same. I thought I hit the jackpot with some day offs during the week, but apparently it doesn’t matter. 2 squat racks and 1 deadlift platform is not enough, and I don’t want to move squats or deadlifts to the middle or end of my workout. I guess I could work in in theory, but tbh it would be more trouble to switch the weights as I’m still on baby weight level.

  34. If it gives you a light at the end of the tunnel- the shoes and insoles should help immensely, just give a couple weeks for your feet and legs to get used to them. They’ll be used to overcompensating for what you’re fixing via these changes so your muscles will be being worked differently than they may be used to.

  35. It does thank you! Mine was medium, we tried a stronger support one just in case and the lady said the medium ones looked better (while running). I also have a wider feet, so some of the shoes fell out because of that, some felt great for me, but apparently my ankles still weren’t stable enough. It’s crazy how much goes into this. My previous shoes were neutral and very flexible according to her, good ones just not for me.

  36. It's def wild how much trial and error there is with it! But fine tuning for these details will make all the difference in your comfort and health/keeping yourself injury free. I need high stability levels which def isn't universal - my partner is in medium stability shoes and shin splint free for a few weeks now after suffering for way longer than necessary haha.

  37. Calling all runners as well as all of you who live vicariously through the craziness of others…

  38. I’m obsessed and showed my partner the two documentaries on it yesterday! He was just like what the fuck is this I love it- I wish we were fit enough to consider doing it!

  39. I had such a slow run this morning! My legs felt like quicksand, and I didn’t push it at all- 11:30 miles for my 5k and worked on keeping my heart rate low.

  40. Could you run to your run club? That way you could increase your distance and still run with the group.

  41. I can for one club, which makes it the 6-9 miler, but the other will make it over a half marathon in the dark on not the best streets to do solo :-( I really wish I could swing like a 5miler for Wednesday’s and a 10k on Thursdays but it just doesn’t really work out that way.

  42. “I am very badass” if I’ve ever seen it hahaha

  43. remove toxins from your soul with Jesus, and from your soles at the Sheila Spa Day! $699 gets you an hour in the baptism trough, two foot patches, and a pack of zit stickers!

  44. I impulsively ran 17 miles yesterday after only achieving 13.7 in one sitting previously! I'm proud because I had to really hunker down at 15/16/17 and fight the mental urge to quit/walk back by repeating "it's a 5k, then you're done. It's two miles, then you're done. You've got to make it to the underpass. Then it's barely a hill" whenever I tried to stop. I know half the fight with a marathon + longer distance is having the mental fortitude to push through it even when you're uncomfortable, so, next up is just continuing to build the base!

  45. The most I've ever run was 13.7 miles. So yesterday, I decided: fuck it, let's see how far I can run- and I made it 17 miles on the nose! I'm really proud of my conditioning, training, and mental fortitude that I pushed through discomfort and still prioritized the goal while staying realistic with my heart rate. (I'm allowed to run long distance, but for anything over two hours of sustained effort I need to keep within a certain HR threshold or I risk shear stress + fucking my heart up again.)

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