1. ask Reddit: can I get pregnant when my ex stabs me with his knife?

  2. Check out Kevin Roughton 's resources. They're free and fun.

  3. I teach middle school. I forget why but I made a reference to a stereo in class and had a kid ask me what it was.

  4. Lewis Powell was a co-conspirator with John Wilkes Booth. Booth’s plan wasn’t just to kill Lincoln, but also VP Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State, William Seward all on the same night. David Atzerodt was supposed to kill Johnson but lost his nerve and got drunk instead.

  5. Powell did escape, but his guide out of the city (David Herold) ditched him. Powell was lost and didn’t know where to go, so he hid in a tree for 3 days. When he finally came down, he went to Surratt’s Boarding House (where the conspirators met) at the exact time the police were there interrogating the owner, Mary Surratt. Dumb luck or just dumb?

  6. I suggest trying to win over visiting coaches, as they’re the ones who will decide whether or not they’ll come back in the future. The kids and fans will go wherever the team goes, obviously.

  7. Its just cold out! Hahaha i dont mind rain but its also 40s

  8. Haha I hear ya, bundle up in layers! It will be cold to start definitely but your body temp will rise and it’ll get better. I ran in 25 degrees today and was freezing for the first mile but sweating when I was done

  9. Im just worries about getting sick with the rain wind and cold

  10. It’s always a possibility. If that’s something you’re not willing to risk then go tomorrow! No big deal. You won’t lose any progress

  11. Before every test begins, after instructions, I always jokingly say “Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Threats? Bribes?” My 7th and 8th graders will always say, “Ooh! I have $5 if you don’t make me take it!” I always tell them that if I accept a student’s bribe I’ll be fired and probably never allowed to teach again, so their bribe better be something I can retire on.

  12. I would say “questions? Comments? Concerns? …compliments?” Gotta keep the love and positivity flowing. Always got some cute words with that one 🥰 I had a kid try to bribe me with a cafeteria cookie to give him an A LOL I didn’t even have access to student grades

  13. Ohhhh compliments is a good one! I’m going to add that!

  14. It really bugs me that they’re not in order, the top left should definitely be one penny and the middle needs to be ten pence

  15. QB - Kyle Wright (He’s got the look and the height)

  16. The thought of Strider at RB is scary (in a good way)

  17. Killer Angels by Michael Shaara (Gettysburg)

  18. I used to listen to and love Ben Franklin’s World, where the host (who is also a historian) interviews historians about various topics from early American history.

  19. Too many variables to answer all your questions. Your team’s makeup, competition level, your athletic ability, etc.

  20. I would like to say goodbye for awhile, I am avoiding all Reddit and Twitter for a few days

  21. This fucking sucks but it’s the last couple innings of the season. I can’t not watch

  22. Just something about NL East teams catching fire in the postseason. Nationals in 19, us last year, it’s the Phillies turn

  23. What in the everloving fuck do I have to do to get Bill at DH

  24. Become an A-list member and buy 10 lower level season tickets for 10 years

  25. Obviously Acuña was hurt last night after wearing 97mph but I was wondering to myself, “are they milking time to throw Wheeler off his game?” I mean I can’t imagine how bad that hurt, also looked like it got his funny bone so it was probably immobilized for a while. Between the Swanson grab to end the inning, and then the forceful stop to Wheeler’s tempo + 40,000 boos it was a complete momentum shift. Crowd was really into it last night.

  26. I don’t think so. But can you imagine if Buck Showalter was our manager?

  27. Rather Strider go Friday with a rested bullpen rather than Saturday in case Friday doesn’t go as well as we’d like

  28. Soooo we gonna let Wheeler shut us out or are we gonna work some counts?

  29. That teenager with his scorebook is fucking awesome to see

  30. Was pretty bummed yesterday but no point dwelling on it. It’s over, new opportunity today and we gotta even it up! LFG

  31. Why put him in this position? Kinda like the Mets leaving Alvarez in for that huge AB against the Padres

  32. Their bullpen is shit so let’s fucking go boys

  33. Supposed to be teaching history today. Gonna tell em we’re watching history being made

  34. guy behind me at citifield says he’s “done with baseball” and “might try like, books”

  35. I hate Buck man he is such a fucking whiny ass crybaby

  36. That split screen of his interview with them scoring made me LOL, shit is hilarious

  37. Looking at his second photo, that appears to be 12/2, but I do see a red wire in the first photo. If the ceiling box has a red, that's likely your second switchleg. Otherwise look for an outlet installed upside down. Half of that outlet is switched the other is permanently hot. Could also even be a floor outlet depending on your construction.

  38. Speaking of that ground wire, when I install the fan, is it good to stay on that screw or should it be undone and wired in somehow?

  39. Take a wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Cut the twisty bits off the end. Turn off the power to this box at the breaker panel. Push the wire up into the attic from this room OUTSIDE the junction box, between the wall board and the box. At the point where that wire nut is pointing in your picture, it should be right next to the ceiling joist that box is attached to. Stick it up in there a good 16 inches. NOW go up into the attic and see where the wire is coming through the insulation.

  40. You are a genius, the hanger trick worked perfectly.

  41. I have the same type of desks and also teach 7th and 8th. How long are your classes? Mine are 43 minutes - I usually take a minute and have kids put them in a circle at the beginning and put them back in rows at the end. Doesn’t take too long really.

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