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  1. Get it bruh.. I think I just saw this on the new umbrella academy. I’m pretty sure a talking chimp gives a foul mouthed, time traveling boy this exact tat.

  2. It would have to be something getting in your coco your plants are taking up. Water with high levels is probably most likely? Unless you guys are running some very unreliable nutes. Do you maybe store the water somewhere where lead could leach in?

  3. Thanks for posting the terps those do look dope, kind of a lot for a full spec! Hard to find numbers unless you look on the physical package.

  4. This is a great every day carry strain for me. Very reliable and you can get it cheap like this sometimes. I snagged an NYC FLO live resin cart a few months ago and it was awesome!!!! Sadly I haven’t seen one since.

  5. Lume sent an email about this and they almost got me to go get this yesterday lol! Give us a review please!

  6. I feel you on this. I’m so torn between wanting to try new stuff and going with what I know works. It’s so expensive for me if I make a bad choice I’m hung with it. I try to ration and make bigger purchases when I do buy, so I’d be stuck with something ineffective for 2-4 weeks. This sub is really the only place I trust reviews from, and def not all of them lol. There’s no other credible resources to find out if something is as good as advertised.

  7. Sometimes higher THC sativas (>25%) give me a little anxiety, so I was pleased with the affects of the Salty Watermelon. On the other side of the coin, the Tally Mon (<25%) made me very VERY sedated, which was a pleasant surprise for a lower THC indica. I don’t have the terps, so THC is all I have to go off for anticipated affects. Does that make sense?

  8. I knew exactly what you meant the first time! Great review! I like my stuff a bit heavy so I don’t get sativas that often. But that salty watermelon really does it for me, it’s the only sativa I find myself consistently coming back too.

  9. Woah I didn’t know there were so many of us, I’m from Toledo!

  10. That’s changes from time to time, right now I’m into gassy, chem, hit you behind the eyes stuff. I’m really digging the chem fuego from BR and second breakfast by galenas. Def something from Galenas is always in my top 3. I’m sure klutch should be in there but I very rarely get it due to price. I can justify splurging on Galenas every once in a while because I really DIG the living soil thing lol. What are a couple of your faves?

  11. I almost said the EPBC! Love that! I’m not normally into lemon forward strains but you’re right, it’s surprisingly complex the whole way thru the bowl. When the batch is good I guess lol.

  12. It’s super high in terpenes, it said it was legit 20% terpenes. I had a super sour blue diesel one that was almost too sweet and isn’t usually a terp profile I go for. IMO it def had the potential to be dope if the myrcene shined thru more, I couldn’t taste past the terpinene. I think a durban poison could be much much better tho.

  13. Mine almost tasted fake lol. That terpinene is soooo sweet lol, it was 9.5% lol

  14. I think it’s the best strain by them I’ve had. But in general I don’t think standard wellness is anything to write home about. I personally think it’s worth that price. I would not pay full price for this tho.

  15. They are probably just different batches of the same strain and one of those has been on the shelf a little while. The prices are close enough that, if it were me, I’d buy the one with the most recent harvest date.

  16. Mine was also dry and the only taste to me was an undefined sweetness. It def wasn’t bad, but they have much better.

  17. Kill one. Outside you can easily get one plant, especially a heavy producer like Durban poison, to be plenty big for that pot.

  18. I totally agree with both of those statements, no offense taken. But there’s nothing for me to go off of besides how full it is. It’s not like the flower that I can throw on my Digi. With Limited knowledge of how it’s even made, I don’t know how else to look at it. You could be absolutely right, that they all way out, That’s why I asked if I was overreacted.

  19. I feel you on this. Not from certified, but I have gotten two carts I’ve wondered whether were full. Let us know what they say. If it’s “supposed” to look like that they really should use a cart that fits it. Simply for the fact that we have no other way to measure it besides looks.

  20. Your biggest concern is probably going to be the temp when the lights are off. You may need a space heater for this. Anytime you can tho you’d rather use your watts on lights and get the heat that way. A small space heater is like 750w. The equivalent of that in LEDs is a lot for a 4x4, it will produce plenty of heat plus grow your plants.

  21. I haven’t had those specific ones, but I loveeee triangle mints anything. That’s my vote.

  22. The bonus is a scam. My boss dangles this shit too and thinks I’m too dumb to realize I make more money by being paid more lol. It’s usually a whole checks worth of pay, but if I just got a small raise each year I’d be making much more long term. Plus it’s way easier to not give me a “bonus” than it is to reduce my pay once you’ve increased it.

  23. My bad bruh, not tryna blow the spot up. I asked because I didn’t know.

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