The force of air when you're going at speed of 200kph

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[1/144 Bas Boot diorama] Hunter Becomes the Hunted

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  1. Honestly why even give the dude a chance to explain himself? Makes me mad at the dude filming even if he's doing his community a service, send that creep to jail let him think about his actions messing with kids ain't cool, security guards are right. I appreciate he's finding these people but this stunt is for clout I understand spreading awareness but you can do that without the giving a preditor the chance for redemption. Cops shoulda been informed even before the meet up was happening.

  2. Yeah I agree....I feel like this private organization could be for blackmail for all we know. Better to just call the authorities and have a proper investigation.

  3. Not the kit you ordered, but the kitty you got.

  4. Very nice. Very detailed cockpit did you do it?

  5. It’s the Quinta 3D cockpit for the Hasegawa kit. They (Quinta) just released a Meng version apparently, but when I started the kit last month it wasn’t out and I didn’t know it was coming. But, the Hasegawa one fits pretty closely. There is some trimming that is needed to be done. They are just 3D decals.

  6. I've been thin my whole life. When I finally began liking myself I would tell myself I can work with it, and be toned, while everyone else got heavier and out of shape. Now they like the "dad bod" 🙄 I can't win.

  7. I can't believe they didn't let armpit dreads back on the plane after they found out about her needing to get back to her car.

  8. That's awesome. How did you make the water effect running down the side?

  9. I used vallejo water texture clear and added a tiny bit of tamiya white, mixed it up and applied it, other wise it kept drying clear, tried AK foam effect (ak8036) not a big fan, dries like paint

  10. It is kind of a strange choice of target. JSOWs have amazing range which is good for SEAD but they're not effective against anything with point defence capability.

  11. Right? It was a good challenge tho, as long as that friendly airbase is there.

  12. I'm not sure I understand what's going pn

  13. Clearly, the box plays different examples of fucked-up car noises, and if the vehicle you are operating is making fucked-up noises that match the example fucked-up noises, well, bing-o bang-o mystery solved.

  14. Might need to pull the pickup hose off, trim the end a little, and put it back on. They wallow out and let air slip by when drawing. Or grab a fuel hose clamp/hose clamp and put it on where hose connects to the injector.

  15. I'll give it a shot. I do feel suction though through that chemical injector port if I put my finger over it. If I close it off the water comes out smooth, no air.

  16. mean air coming out the gun...Is this a permanently mounted chemical pickup or one you can take off ?

  17. Its alright. Ive spent so much time trying out all the free trials that I suppose they should get a little money out of me:)

  18. I think the same thing happened to me. Bought the FA 18 on Steam for $80, then sent it to Standalone version. Never saw the 50% discount offered.

  19. That sucks. I think it was 40 or 50 percent off when I got it anyway.

  20. Why won't doctors and therapists help? What did cutting provide for you that made you happy?

  21. It’s illegal in the UK to do in the first place so they refuse to help me with advice on illegal substances. My last therapy session we had a plan in place to bump my meds, get me back into psychiatry and try to help which they said will happen within a few weeks. This was months ago, they just keep telling me to wait for it to be processed. I liked the rush of cutting, the pain, inflicting pain on myself which was meant for someone else but for obvious reasons, I can’t touch anyone else. I like seeing my scars, reflecting on them and seeing how every scar meant I had gotten through some really shit times yano? It only made me happy for a few hours, but it was enough to get me through the day, it was enough to have something to look forward to at night… But it all stopped because the smoke hit different. All the pain and stress and anxiety and hurt and sadness was pushed aside and I was happy again. I’m so fucked up in the head, I know that. I just don’t know how to be happy

  22. Thats crazy they won't help with illegal substances. And I'm sorry you have to wait for help.

  23. It worked for me in the f/a 18. I had to create the mission though.

  24. More than likely a leak at a fitting or spray wand. As said it is re pressurizing the hose. Not a big deal. They all do that. If no leaks at all it could possibly be leaking internally.

  25. I do have a small leak, where the garden hose connects. It's probably about time I replace the o rings and valves anyway.

  26. Is that because there may be a leak or is it normal?

  27. No just dump a few pails of water into the bowl see if back up and it could leak around the base. So be ready. When u snaked it did you remove the toilet? How far did it reach? Is there a sewer line clean out that you can access?

  28. When water is poured in the bowl, it goes down properly.

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