1. Hyped for it. Means I will be able to pick up a 2.0 for less!

  2. I am, trying to decide between a plhv2 or a rein 2.0 currently.

  3. I love the black and tan. Here is mine for reference

  4. The HLX is bright but I sold mine to upgrade to a Modlite. The throw is a lot better. You want something with high candela to see at distance.

  5. Your safety will not work with out that spring. Also you will not be able to shoot your AR with your magazine like that. It is blocking your ejection port.

  6. Your takedown** will not work with out that spring. Also you will not be able to shoot your AR with your magazine like that. It is blocking your ejection port.

  7. The Griffin hammer comp does a surprisingly good job a flash suppression. It is very similar to a A2 flash hider in design. Also the taper mount system has worked pretty well for me when running a suppressor.

  8. I’m a new shooter as well. What kind of lube are we all using?

  9. I have liked Lucas gun oil, and or normal CLP, a little goes a long way with lubricants. Really don’t need that much.

  10. Gotcha, thanks! And just throw a little on the BCG? Anywhere else?

  11. Everyone’s gonna have a different opinion, but light oil on the bcg, charging handle. Sometimes a do a drop on the trigger assembly but to much there can really build up carbon especially if you have a gassy system. Then about every 500- 750 rounds a run a bore snake through the barrel. Then like your safety and mag release, etc just when it looks dry.

  12. Take a working BCG from another gun and try it in yours.

  13. Do we know what the time frame for this is? I bought an M18 a year and a half ago and I can’t find anything definitive

  14. You can check the serial number on sigs website. Though I believe it has never affected any of the manual safety variants of p320’s

  15. The vortex strikeeagle has almost 4 inches of eye relief. Either your scope is broken or you have not adjusted your diopter. There is no reason to have a 1-6x scope that close to your eye. No optic even a 4x acog needs to be mounted that far back.

  16. How do you like the xcarry grip vs the standard. I just bought a x carry grip for my m18 after not liking the Wilson combat grip? I am hoping for a more Glock square like feel.

  17. It’s open pretty much all the way

  18. Open up the gas block all the way. Also does the bolt hold open on the last round? If it does. Is it only one magazine you are using. I have had issues with even magpul mags not feeding right. I would also reinstall the gas block to make sure it’s not loose or not aligned.

  19. Locks back fine on all my mags. It’s after it heats up I have issues.

  20. New or used BCG? Maybe the gas rings are shot? Take the BCG out and extend the bolt and stand the carrier vertically, it the bolt collapse into the carrier it could very well be that.

  21. I have a SD-SL on my builds and honestly the difference in gas to the face is a negligible difference between other CH options I have ran suppressed.

  22. Is that the ez brake? I have ram the hammer comp and haven’t noticed near that much flash?

  23. Due to increased scam attempts within the sub, all low-flaired sellers (< 11 Trades) must follow several new procedures for increased security.

  24. Can't you run a test on which it would show you, what you need?

  25. I have ran the pc health check test and everything is good to go. It seems like it’s a software issue imo

  26. I meant a compatibility test, where you see, what you need

  27. On warzone with a 32gb ram, Rtx 3080, 5600x, High settings other than ray tracing at 1440p I usually get 155-165.

  28. When I saw some of the LPVO mounts selling for $300+, it occurred to me that there are a lot of upper-middle-class guys with disposable income and poor research skills who are into this hobby. Q's target demographic, more or less.

  29. Optic mounts seem way over priced for what they are.

  30. It is the carry so I believe 17rd is the smallest mag size.

  31. Personal opinion, form 1 suppressor’s had mass denial earlier this year and I don’t see this being different.

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