1. I have no idea what we are voting on still

  2. Michele having another UTR victory ?!?! pls let it be true

  3. God Hye is getting annoying, Lydia’s comment is flame tho

  4. Give no, but alot of players remark on how the camera men will point their cameras in certain areas which gives it away sometimes, for some players, this may be more intentional

  5. Overrated: WaW (people have this bottom 10 season in their top fives sometimes??!?) Underrated: Words Apart

  6. Were you not around in like late 2000s to early/mid 2010s where GBF’s and shit like that was super common discourse. She’s just being cringey about being friends w him,

  7. Borneo. I frequently see whining about the pacing. Shit, the pacing was great. Survivor should be about a bunch of people stuck together who happen to be playing a game. Unfortunately, production has flipped it into a game that just so happens to involve people being stuck together.

  8. Borneo is such a phenomenal work and super complex, and it sucks that people remember it for “in the end, Richard was rewarded for being the strategic one where as Kelly was the physical one,” or that it “was so nonstrategic that someone literally voted alphabetically.” I feel like a good amount of Borneo hate/criticism is from people who didn’t care to actually watch it or did not think about it critically.

  9. Fans of the show in the early 2000s far better understood the game than most fans today

  10. I think WaW was our only chance of seeing this happen, and Sandra was the only one with the chance of having this happen. Winners don’t return often enough for there to be a lot of chances for this to happen in the first place, and a good amount of times they don’t make it far due to anti winner sentiments. Next, a great amount of winners have kinda swore off playing especially after WaW, and I don’t think they plan on having a great amount of them return anytime soon except for a possible legends season.

  11. Hard agree, HvV will always be the most legendary season so I think you would be doomed to fail if you called any season “the Legends Season.” Even if they tried to create a Legends cast I really don’t think calling it Legends is a good idea since it might flop. Better to just do like “Survivor: The Final Season” with a legends cast

  12. I mean technically yes since right now she is Survivor Rich but then she would become Survivor Broke


  14. This was so funny to put into the trailer for the finale

  15. I would be shocked if they dropped it when it seems like the six seasons have been confirmed since the beginning

  16. Denise definitely had a good amount of jurors reference her having to attend every final tribal council (which references premerge)

  17. Yul should be last. He literally was the first winner to win because of reverse racism (followed by cheatika)

  18. Lot of good answers. I’d toss Samoa on there too. The 3 returnees other than Hantz had a total of 12% of the screen time on that season.

  19. I think Russel S definitely deserved to come back but Monica was a flop both times she played and Laura M was so forgettable other than winning immunities and being hated on by Shambo

  20. definitely rachel. she really thought she could win the season based on charisma alone with no physical skill whatsoever. the challenges were a joke to her. fucking bitch

  21. Supposedly Kellee from season 39, it seemed like pretty much no one came out in support of her (which is sad)

  22. She’s disliked because she helped the producers look less egregious in their cause and follow up of the Dan situation, she was liked while on the island tho

  23. Obviously Parvati, no matter what your opinion of her, crushed HvV and is a good answer to the question, but other ones I would add…

  24. She did have a good move to choose Willard as a shield so she did not get picked off premerge tho

  25. I’d probably have a similar run to Michelle in Gabon

  26. of course the first poc woman winner gets placed in the bottom (i have only seen 41 and 42 so idk if she actually is the first)

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