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  1. Likewise, I went to SCAD in the early Aughts, and the river walk was just ridiculous. Walk-up frozen margaritas in several dozen flavors.

  2. Same but I stayed in my dorm all weekend to avoid the crazies. My sister went out and said her butt felt like a pin cushion. So many people would just pinch her butt.

  3. The birthday pig’s name is Ralph and the cake is from darlingbunshop on Etsy :)

  4. Oh! I didn't know there were such treats for piggies!

  5. Ikea Toftbo bath mats are perfect. They wash well and keep the pigs warm and dry.

  6. Is there a specific type yoy use? I have the grey and white and they have no traction. They slip/slide when the pigs get zoomies.

  7. I use puppy pads underneath to absorb liquid, and the bath mats don't move unless one of the little buggers decides to burrow underneath.

  8. Smart. I may have to do that. Made my own fleece lining and have some 15yr+ lining that tends to get wet super fast in certain areas. Any brand of puppy pads you recommend and are they washable?

  9. Ahaha mine do the same but it's a constantly rotating pile as each pig tries to hide under each other.

  10. Daaaaw. She is adorable. My pigs all love their cups. So much so that they refuse to go into huts unless I put one inside. Spoiled little tatters.

  11. But the person that doesn't want to switch to Linux in this comic is entirely correct. I've tried to switch to Linux and it was too much of a hassle to do the things I wanted to do on Linux. I was spending so much time trying to either get the program I wanted to work to work or look up Linux alternatives.

  12. I used to dual boot Linux and Windows. Used Linux to do some programming and 3D animation. I used Windows for gaming and art programs. Man it was a pain to get Linux to work. I had it on its own external SSD. Took me 2 weeks to get it to work properly. Most of that was looking for programs that worked on it, drivers and getting it to boot. I ended up removing it due to how much of a hassle it was. This was back in 2014 so I am sure it's way better now.

  13. What distro was it? (also yeah things were bad back then)

  14. Ubuntu. Got it because one of my collage classes used it for coding. Wanted to practice at home.

  15. He looks like a Larry. Give him a tiny brief case and a tie and he is ready for the office.

  16. Aww so cute and lucky piggies! I had a piggie named Little Dipper (after Gravity falls). A scaredy-butt that loved to explore. Had him for 8.5yrs. Loved that fat little poop machine.

  17. That reminds me I need to trim my piggy's hair.

  18. That's the perfect age! Got a few pigs last year who were 2-3yrs old. Sweetest little group of scared potatoes ever. They don't hide as much when I enter the room. Once you shake that treat can They crawl all over you. Love them

  19. I've always heard 8 years max, but recently a woman posted in this sub she has a 13 year old's the oldest I've ever heard of, but hey, who knows?

  20. I had a pig pass a few years ago. He was 10. Another after that who was 8.5yrs. I also had some die at 2 or 3 from sudden illness. Most of mine live 6-7yrs. 5 is when they really start to slow down.

  21. All 9 of my pigs poop while they walk/sleep. Just poo everywhere!

  22. I did! My first piece of furniture. My husband and I have a rather large shed full of tools to play with and I wanted something that would fit perfectly between my desk and my son's. Each Piggie has 4' x 2' of space, with a sloped walled ramp in the back so they can visit each other. Even though they were rescued together, they really do not prefer each other's company, so I wanted give them enough space separate, but also have the option for socializing.

  23. I love it! I hope to build a cage for my piggies like that soon. Did you seal the wood from moisture and what type did you use? It looks amazing! Fantastic job!

  24. I thought he was supposed to be a piñata. I even named mine after a character in "Viva Piñata".

  25. Oh man I have fostered piggies. Then ended up keeping them due to the rescue having having an over 200+ que of pigs to accept. Was in the que for 4mo and only moved 3 places in the list. Decided to keep the piggies. 2 had health issues (one partly blind, another with neurological issues). Plus the rescue is over 3hrs away and I was having car troubles.

  26. For some reason there is no option on reddit for me to message you. If you see this, please reach out to me!

  27. Oh sorry I got it setup to not get messages. Not much to say. Got piggies from a coworker whose kid was allergic. Took them in. Treated like my own pigs. Signed up for the piggie rescue to add to their adoption list. List was over 200+ piggies in line. Time went by and ended up keeping them. Just had a few more vet visits but not much else. There is a video of when I first got the girls.

  28. My wife has been saying this for years. I never noticed. I’m showing her this article immediately.

  29. My mom still has some from 1984. It's heavier and clings way better than the current stuff. She got like 1000ft of the stuff.

  30. I would! Never seen my mom do silly stuff so this would be amazing. My dad on the other hand was jointer. We got him tassels as a gag gift for Christmas one year. Yes he wore them and permanently scarred us for life. He would always do pranks and stuff like that. Miss him.

  31. What an amazing pairing your parents must've been. That might sound sarcastic but I mean that so genuinely. It's the best when you've got one that's more serious or calm and the other that's just a big goofball of hilarity. I'm sorry to see he's not longer with you. Sounds like he made the world a little bit of a better place.

  32. Thank you. Yes he did. In humor and as a doctor he did his best to help everyone.

  33. The Earth has been hit plenty of times by meteors, its just this one hasn't been eroded away due to its location

  34. I remember hearing about one in the Appalachian mtns. Something about it being the only open path through the mountains that settlers could use to head west. Forgot the name but it's a town now with alot of golf courses now I think.

  35. I am 5' 7" as well but a few years ago I was 163lb. My old jobs gave me a panic attack every other week. I was so tired mentally that I just slump on the couch everyday. Moved back home to care for folks a few years ago. Dropped down to 136lb. Ate less fast food, sugary drinks, and reduced my red meat intake. A change in jobs/location reduced so much stress as well. I wasn't wasting 2hr a day in my car commuting. Working 40hrs a week for $9hr to be yelled at by customers and micromaning managers. Now I am a Carpenter with an amazing boss that gave me 2 pay raises this year alone. I even built up muscle! Now at 143-145lb but my waistline is smaller than when I was 136lb. Also being able to treat my ADHD helped as well.

  36. Yeah we currently have a spare unused massive entertainment unit in there with old unused stuff sitting on top of it, I’m thinking I might turn it into a little hideout nook for them to hide in/under while they free roam the room

  37. I found using leftover coroplast from cages to make barriers works wonders. Did this for an area they kept hiding under. Was a pain to get them out. I just use bricks or rocks to prop it against the furniture. An added bonus is that I can put chew sticks in the brick holes.

  38. idk if Giant Eagle is a grocery store you can find across all of the US but I was doing some grocery shopping on my lunch break and a guy came into the store with a gun, Apparently intending to kill one of the cashiers ( later found out it was the guys Ex GF ) and then himself but he ended up shooting himself in the head. I just happened to be 2 checkout lanes away from him when it happened

  39. I used to work at the largest grocery store in town (at the time). The week before I started a guy blew his brains out in the parking lot. He was going through a divorce and had his ex sit in the car with him. Killed himself with her sitting next to him.

  40. Even worse is that they added it to Stories 2 but didn't make it rideable.

  41. That would have been fun. Helicopter mountain goat flinging you across the map! I'd never use another monster again. Yeet me to the next location.

  42. Guinea pigs do that, it's totally normal. Mine loved to show me how far he could spray his pee when I brushed him or cut his nails.

  43. I had one gal who had long range misses. She could pee 6ft up the wall or across the room. Tiny buns of steel.

  44. Furries as a group have a suspicious amount of money, technical expertise, and artistic talent. Clearly, they run the world and only allow people to make fun of them because they get off on it.

  45. I always toy with the idea of doing art commissions for furries but it terrifies me what would be requested. My roommate told me horror stories of something she drew for that sweet furry money.

  46. We generally do not order commissions from non-furry artists, as it keeps our community currency flow within the fandom to support our artists who otherwise would be competing with people who have no business in the fandom.

  47. I'd most likely be a scalie. A dragon/Dino lizard creature. Used to draw dragonkin a ton way way back when. With my severe ADHD I can't even commit to a DnD character.

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