Ukrainian Troops in Lyman

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  1. How did they not catch that before printing? lmao

  2. So how is this evidence? Yeah let me just circle some random ass name on the scoreboard and post "another team killer to ban"

  3. Gunfire and explosions sound fake as shit, even when he was firing his weapon.

  4. Incident reportedly occurred in Brussels, Belgium. No other information was given.

  5. Yeah here, no updates yet but if there is any I'll add an edit update. Cheers

  6. Is it a bit weird to wear camouflage with bright blue bands? Honest question

  7. Not weird if the enemy looks the same with the same weapons, gear, tanks, and somewhat the same uniforms. It's easier to identify friendlies from foes.

  8. This was posted just before but is gone.

  9. Not sure. I didn't see it on the new feed, and no I'm not a mod nor can I remove posts.

  10. Wait what’s the deal about the TikTok whatd this guy do?

  11. So basically Kadyrov's Chechen fighters are known for staging TikTok videos of them fighting valiantly and bravely against trees, empty houses, street lights, and just shooting at random shit saying they're killing Ukrainian soldiers by the 100's.

  12. Fuckk... This is by far the worst video I've seen on this subreddit

  13. The one where those Russians cut off that ukrainian POW's balls off was the worst one.

  14. Ahhh another pro-russian. Why not go live in Russia? Lmao get blocked

  15. I don’t understand why did they send men in this deep without professional supplies? That camp looks like shit, and no trenches or anything

  16. You're acting as if the Russian military is professional lol

  17. Do they just spot the aircraft with their eyes, lock on and shoot? Or how does it work?

  18. Pretty much. You can tell when it locks on when the sound changes

  19. Dude was like "yeah slice my jacket open so it looks like I was in a firefight!"

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