1. pepper spray always spicy. Always spray. No worry about too old spicey spray, never too old

  2. I just turned 18 so it’s my first time ever voting and I’m voting blue in the verde valley, Arizona!

  3. Arizona. 1# most corrupt police state in the country. The inmates run the prisons not the guards.

  4. bro one time this dood was like yo tryna gas rq? n i was like yea fuck it n i was expecting him to pull out a cart, nah bro whooped out a whole blunt and this is 4th hour jus inna bathroom like nah man i dipped fast like how tf u gon smoke a whole blunt n not get caught

  5. I smoked a whole wood in the school bathroom and got expelled for that shii, worth it? No. Was it some gas? Yea

  6. why BUY the rosin when you can simply MAKE the rosin

  7. I used to process via closed loop back in the day but sold all my equipment, my ovens and my press.

  8. that’s awesome I hope you get back into it! I just started working at a little grow op and it’s teaching me so much. This plant is truly amazing in all forms

  9. Depends, there’s people who have skipped on warrants for 15+ years but they always manage to catch up to you somehow. Good luck dawg

  10. Listen to some playboy carti trust bro

  11. I feel you I work at sonic too we be tweakin

  12. Fuck naw bro that chili got bodies on it 💀

  13. Man that fog makes the drive look eerie

  14. Faaaak me and the wife are gonna make a stop this weekend.

  15. There’s a taco stand down central by jack n a box or go to Pepe tacos on San Pedro and 52 st

  16. Pepe’s tacos fire i used to post up down there on the daily after school munching out

  17. Since you're already in prison you get to go home.

  18. Seriously they’d have so much more luck finding something down here.

  19. Terrorist attack in NYC? Twin towers? The reason TSA is such a pain in the ass? Bin Laden?

  20. damn that sucks I wasn’t born yet tho soooo

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