1. Honestly, whether the loans are worth it depends on your major and where you are going to school. $100k is not worth it for most humanities degrees but it probably is for something like engineering. It just depends what the average first year salary is for someone graduating from your program.

  2. Can I request a same schedule so both my jobs schedule can align with each other?

  3. Oh, okay. Thanks. so in summary do you think that it’s worth working overemployed ?

  4. It's not something I would do but I honestly don't know how much you need the extra money. You might think about doing something like DoorDash or Shipt that is super flexible instead.

  5. Funny enough, I thought it was fake just because of the names. Kat + some vaguely hispanic/Spanish names is a weird choice

  6. Cars are awful for the environment and it’s ableist to assume that everyone should be required to drive. I definitely think cars are necessary in some circumstances, but I find it troubling that they are so widely viewed as a necessity to living.

  7. Could you suggest a free or low cost activity?

  8. It sounds like you are talking about Pelvic Floor PT. If there are no other providers in the area then she would want to submit for a network adequacy exception. However, they won't grant it if there is even one in network PT who does Pelvic Floor therapy.

  9. I have a LOT of background on RFPs. You should not outreach because it will cause you to be disqualified from consideration. Usually there is a procurement contact included in the RFP but they are only contacted with questions about the procurement and sometimes only at specified times during the process. You need to read the RFP to see what the rules are.

  10. What about after submission and the deadline got shifted. Can you still request for a Face time?

  11. Well, that's because the Pixel 4 was an awesome phone. The Pixel 7 has the potential to be awesome but is super buggy.

  12. McKinsey running the country sounds like the start of a doomsday movie.

  13. Drop FMLA paperwork and take the time you need to recover.

  14. The ER is the most expensive place you can get care so this isn't shocking. However, you might question why they billed both a 70450 and a 70496. A 70496 is inclusive of non-contrast imaging performed during the same session so if you have a CT before a CTA in the same visit, on the same day, with the same physician with no new findings then 70450 is bundled into 70496. These should only both be billed if the CT and CTA were done in different sessions for different reasons.

  15. I think they may have called a stroke code on him which would explain why its coded as such (2 separate)-though im not a coding expert but i know the scans are very different from a medical standpoint and so expensive. otherwise getting all this done in an hour would not have happened.

  16. How many weeks are you? If you still have a while to go don't panic yet. Sometimes during heated contract negotiations hospitals will let their contract lapse to apply pressure on the insurer. These lapses rarely last long because a hospital going out of network is bad for the hospital and the insurer.

  17. I have absolutely zero desire to do this.

  18. For me a big part of being a feminist is believing that women are capable of and should be allowed to make their own choices. If a woman wants to change her name then she should be able to choose that. If she wants to keep her maiden name then she should be allowed to choose that.

  19. You could probably find a remote call center job that pays $15+/hr. I think Concentrix pays as much as $18/hr depending on the assignment.

  20. First, this is an important lesson to check with your insurance company, not the doctor or lab to find out if they are in network.

  21. I really wanted a natural birth. With two weeks to go he still have the cord wrapped around his neck and although they could still deliver him naturally I really didn’t want to try natural and end up with an emergency c section so I opted for a planned.

  22. Did they give you more than just Tylenol for pain? I've heard horror stories about people being discharged with just Tylenol and it's making me super anxious about the idea of a C-section. I'm a total wimp about pain.

  23. Harvey’s Cheese will be getting a brick and mortar on Frankfort Ave next month.

  24. It was dark. Could not see except it was a larger male. 2017 silver ford fusion. License plate BZC235. It was around 6:15pm. I called the cops as soon as I got to heavily trafficked parking lot and they wanted me to go back to the park to give my statement in person. Couldn’t do it over the phone. I refused. Did not want to back there.

  25. I would complain to your state medical board. It doesn't sound like she followed the correct procedure for terminating you as a patient.

  26. I'm 12+6 and have to wear maternity pants at this point.

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