1. Without knowing what you’re applying for or the job requirements are no one can tell you.

  2. My bad. It’s for an ER tech position at a hospital. I guess they wouldn’t include the option to do a phone interview, if they didn’t expect people to do it. I just don’t want to look unprofessional

  3. If it’s through zoom there’s a blur background option. You can set that up to be the default before you join.

  4. The interview email said I could also do an audio only phone call. Would that look unprofessional? Or should I just do the video interview through Microsoft teams?

  5. Teams has a blue background option also. Just logged in my work laptop and checked. Join with camera off, go to settings/background and effects, set it to blur, then turn the camera on.

  6. If it’s from a personal email, I think it might be a scam rather than an actual request for interview. They would have reached out with an email address from the hospital’s domain.

  7. I just read it now. It’s from a personal email, but the clinician has his title, and work email address in the signature at the bottom of the email. He just sent the email through his personal email address for whatever reason.

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