Police face questions over response to Uvalde school shooting

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What will it take for it to stop mass shootings in America?

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  1. So over 70% wouldve used something other than an AR or ak47. Thats pretty interesting.

  2. Will that essentially shut down every pet store in New York?

  3. The article only mentioned the rising price of gasoline. Energy prices over all are going up. No wonder car manufacturers are advertising to the more affluent. They'll be the only ones who will be able to afford the energy.

  4. Electricity isn't increasing at anywhere near the rate that gasoline is, at least not in my neck of the woods. I've been driving a Leaf for a year and a half now, my electricity bill has went up about 20-30 bucks a month. On the Camry I had before this, $30 was about my weekly bill for gas (when gas was maybe 60% of its current cost)

  5. Natural gas is just under $9 mmBtu. We haven't seen prices like that since '08. Hopefully, it won't reach '08 prices.

  6. This is awesome news. I'm looking forward to devoting even more of my paycheck to fuel costs. Thanks Joe.

  7. Mandatory civil service in the form of military enlistment for all persons once they turn 18.

  8. From what I understand, the Border Patrol had to wait for a key supplied by a member of the faculty. So they never actually breeched the door. And it sort of flies in the face of the statements made by the local authorities stating that they had to wait for a team that was equipped to breech entryways.

  9. So I've heard this too, but serious question: why didn't they just go through a window? They don't have bars on it because students snuck out of one window. That or, similar to how the shooter broke through with a truck, why didn't they just ram it with a police SUV?

  10. Blew my mind. I think its a preparedness issue. The school had a procedure for this very type of tragedy and that process wasn't followed.

  11. Every abortion takes a life, in some cases to save the life of another. Someone doesn't die every time a gun is purchased. If it were true, I would be way below my quota.

  12. Didn't help that the police stood outside the school for almost an hour.

  13. At least we had a woman who the shooter had contacted earlier that could report their exchange to the police. She did contact the authories or at least report it to Instagram, right?

  14. Can't wrap my mind around why this high school kid targeted an elementary school. Did he think it was ok because those children were too young to defend themselves or did he even think they were human?

  15. They're making excuses before the series is even available?

  16. They're making excuses before the series is even available?

  17. General belief was that most of the aid money would have been stolen in 2014.

  18. That belief was well warranted. The US sent billions in aid money during that time. As soon as it hit the bank over there, it turned up missing.

  19. not all of it. Ukraine completely overhauled its police force, among other items.

  20. I bet the administration was very influential back then.

  21. I see your point. Not sure that they are technically able to put more money into their mortgage though, since any extra wages are being absorbed by higher food and transportation costs.

  22. But we actually have a real vaccine for this one, right?

  23. Who… who do you think cut the funding to the FDA in the first place ?

  24. No one cut their funding. Their budget has only ever increased since 2016.

  25. You think fda funding was cut during the covid outbreak?

  26. So they're just going with the Hillary lie for all the conspiracy theorists out here.

  27. I guess you missed the near unanimous passage of HR 7791 which would allow low-income mothers to obtain more baby formula through the WIC program.

  28. Not sure how going after social media helps. They're the only reason that we know the shooters motives. Law enforcement had their chance, but couldn't crack that nut and let him go.

  29. Killing the unwanted before they have the ability to defend themselves or even know their murderer is definitely the more humane thing to do. Please share those horrific stories with your state legislatures you sick monsters.

  30. Conservatives think he had a point. It won't be long until they insist White Replacement Theory be taught in schools.

  31. According to his manifesto, he was saving the planet from overpopulation. He's some kind of eco-terrorist fascist.

  32. he literally did it because he's racist and thought killing black people was saving the planet

  33. The mind of a lunatic, man. There's some deep seeded evil in that kid.

  34. Will be interesting to see if Biden let's them storm the Supreme Court building.

  35. They do. Look for stories about parents wanting certain books banned from their children's school curriculums. Its because of the pornography and sexual content.

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