1. I’ve noticed my tomatoes smoke much more smoothly after a good wash.

  2. Ever smoke peaches? I bet that shit fuckin hits

  3. Those are precisely the arguments that bother me about this whole debate; wild claims about superiority. How exactly is the product far superior? I’m genuinely curious. What scientific data exists to prove this claim? Are people sending samples of unwashed and washed plants to the lab to compare contaminants? Are they checking for residues left behind from washing? Are they testing cannabinoid and terpene levels before and after?

  4. Montreal, just want, greenhouse was wild

  5. Ive found so many old and new favorites here and can’t thank you enough

  6. Fully loaded. Note the pale discoloration to the northeast

  7. A funny feeling is pretty much what your describing

  8. Just had a shot in montreal: yerbe maté with full shotglass of cynar sitting in it. Pretty good

  9. I've lived in an Alpha property, they arent great but if you go in with low expectations you will be fine. When you move in document everything, photograph every scuff on the wall every tiny crack in the paint etc and send it to them digitally and physically. I got my full security deposit back no issues (most likely because they figured anyone who would send a 30 page word doc with pictures when moving in would be a hassle to deal with). Other than that expect no maintenance and no real pest control but I just handled both of those myself and it was fine (with the note that for huge major repairs they did seem to deal with that for my neighbors). I probably wouldn't resign a lease with them but you shouldn't be scared to pick up your keys.

  10. Yeah i second this. Theyre unresponsive and annoying to deal with but dont expect much and you’ll be fine

  11. Hey, thanks for posting. I know this is 4 years old but if you see this im wondering if you switched/how it went?

  12. Wtf is your goal here? For people not to bring awareness to modern slavery? What’s wrong with you?

  13. I guess that whenever you see the white house the first thing isnt always that it was built by slaves? Which is honestly fair i think. Difference is timeframe. But cultures change at different rates. I dunno man. Its true its not the only thing about it but it is pretty fucked up…

  14. Can you do the Cratic Republic of the Congo? (Skip Demo)

  15. I've never had a plug who exclusively made money on drugs. I've had people who worked at the Zoo, as a Civil Engineer, various legitimate business owners, etc.

  16. Hahaha thanks for these weirdly specific examples…

  17. Awesome! Im looking to do this section next summer super pumped! Did you need any permits for this part?

  18. Damn make sure to constantly tell your mom how much you resent her for that. Ya know, to really strengthen the relationship.

  19. People need to be kept to reasonable standards. She should have to buy you one now

  20. Smoke and jog the right beat and I’ll swear you’re flying

  21. I'm a high level professional and I once had a trip where I seriously considered that I was in fact mentally challenged and every person in my life was just being nice and humoring me that I was smart.

  22. Haha definitely had a few moments stoned wondering how i convinced a group of people to pay me. Howd i wease my way in? Im not that convincing.

  23. Im a daily smoker and i find that weed can give you a second set of eyes. Sometimes i become very focused on my job, and i smoke and realize that i can have room for a little more fun in my life. Even with dealing with trauma, its like having another person to look at yourself and shake the cobwebs of different cognitive pathways.

  24. Incorrect, you only are able to get a PCTA Long Distance Permit for trips over 500 miles. If your trip is over 500 miles, it doesn't mean you have to have a PCTA Long Distance Permit. The PCTA permit is merely a very convenient way of getting (almost) every permit at once.

  25. What happens if you don't finish the 500 you were planning?

  26. Don’t underestimate america. Dont forget we came up with the atom bomb and dog the bounty hunter

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