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  1. Drivers here only have two speeds: 50 or 120

  2. Check out the demographics for Fitzroy North. One of the whitest suburbs in the country.

  3. There isn’t really any good coffee in Northcote. Plenty of average.

  4. I just say thanks, and appreciate that the car bring that person joy and that they felt like sharing it. Small moments that link and energise us.

  5. Hi there, I'm keen to make new friends too. None of my existing friends don't really get the car thing. I drive an R34 GTT and have an EG Civic runaround.

  6. I'm on Xbox one s and the game looks like arse. It looks worse than a mobile game. BF1 looked stunning and rich, with an amazing soundtrack that immersed me and drew me into the warzone. This game just feels like it has no real direction, and I feel no connection to the battle taking place. In battlefield 1, I felt like I could help turn the tide of the battle and would fight like hell. Maybe I need to give it some more time, but I think 2042 lacks character and concept.

  7. A really good piss shiver is better than a bad orgasm

  8. The knocking noise is the back axle that fell off a while back (the broken HQ system). But that's not important any more.

  9. Very detailed, you're clearly proficient. I would like to see the image more stylised: some way to set it apart from a photo more.

  10. Awaiting test results. Sick as 4yo kiddo. Grandfather in an acute ward at Tier 1 site. This is not a good day at all. 8.32am and I'm struggling more than ever.

  11. That's awful. What a shitstorm in a shitflood. You got people who can help you?

  12. I'm just a cat on a hot tin roof at the moment. I need the results back on our tests, if negative I need to get my little one to a GP. Just waiting. Grandpa with high needs dementia and frail in hospital ... I can't do anything there, the wards not answering calls. Is it too early in the morning to have valium?

  13. Far out. I'd be tempted to reach for the valium too. Must be hard to have to hold it together for little ones. Or does it make it easier?

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