1. cavs would’ve swept them - maybe cavs in 5 but no one in 2017 was stopping cavs warriors part 3

  2. I really thought SD was playing like the best team in the AFC towards the end of that year - and it was a down year for the Pats and Steelers too so the only real obstacle it looked like they had was Indy who they owned at the time - thought they and Indy were on a collision course all year until they were not

  3. the celtics core is younger than the suns core and has more experience with deep runs than the suns core- the celtics should have more staying power

  4. Such high hopes for Monty and the bears offense after that stretch with Herbert out -the trouble of owning players on teams with nothing to play for at the end of the season unfortunately

  5. I rode Monty all season and literally didn't play him one game and he put up 20+. I knew I should have pulled him for Allegier for my RB2 spot. Saquon didn't help either.

  6. I had Henry-Saquon-Monty as my 3 headed rb group all year and rode them this far only for all three to let me down the last week

  7. i hope they pummel the titans next week as a sour henry owner

  8. Dotson or C. Kirk? The Texans have only given up 5 tds to WRs all year....

  9. Haskins, Foreman, Moss, Hubbard or Kelley(if Ekeler is out)?

  10. as the guy facing schultz this sucks....

  11. dwight is mark cubans drinking buddy though

  12. tomorrow. tonight i’m just going to thank the fantasy gods for giving me a win because of 40 points from defense and kicker - i believe i might owe them a sacrifice

  13. Maher and the Chargers D got me 39 points - survived c. kirk and fields no showing this week

  14. as a falcons fan i just have it in my DNA to avoid relying on our players - just can’t give the falcons another avenue to let me down

  15. I would say yes normally but i do not know if theyll rest the starters because of the losing streak and general bad vibes they have right now - but since I have Henry on my team im going to assume they play him one play and then hes done

  16. up by 46 with the chargers defense dulcich and mike williams - he’s got rodgers hill ekeler and jeudy …need a miracle

  17. i can’t believe darnold outscore fields - was not on my bingo card….

  18. Playing Justin Fields as your QB will get you to the playoffs, then cause your world to come crashing down around you in the semifinal round.

  19. I couldn’t believe some of the play calling - like they might as well have punter after they forced the fumble deep in bills territory - eberflus handcuffed his own team with his play calling after the first drive

  20. Facing Higgins today - not looking forward to it

  21. IM in the same situation and going chargers D

  22. Hope this means good thigns for my monty/fields stack and CLE D

  23. i played kirk but opponent played bam - so basically we are playing our playoff game with 8 players now

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