1. Huh, oh, I don't often hear people say that his teammates dislike him...?

  2. Please don't act as if the homeless problem is purely because of "housing". NYC has way more expensive housing and less of it -- still, the homeless in NYC are nowhere near as deranged as the ones here.

  3. Ok I see the points you’re making. But hear me out.

  4. Lowe is not a rebel rouser but this pretty much his way of saying:

  5. On Twitter he still works for Grantland and I love it so much.

  6. Yeah, it's subtle, but it cracks me up.

  7. Bicycles are cars for the purposes of traffic laws. They have to fucking stop at stop signs, yield to pedestrians, and respect red lights. Same with scooters, skateboarders--anything in the roadway. So many think they're some sort of mixed pedestrian car hybrid that magically gets the best of both worlds in terms of right of way. You fucking don't!

  8. Sounds extreme, but I guess it would probably kill fewer people than the current streetscape

  9. This dude doesn't get it. You can't criticize Harden while defending Kyrie who was much more of an issue

  10. You know you are allowed to read the story before commenting.

  11. could say this for just about every thread on that subreddit lol

  12. I remember getting downvoted like crazy maybe 18ish months ago just for defending the idea that the Warriors should possibly think about (just think about!) trading James Wiseman...

  13. Check out Santa Cruz. Beautiful place. The politics are definitely liberal (which is good…) but can can get a little nutty sometimes. They have some decent leadership , though, and are moving in the right direction. Actually, the biggest problem is the cost of housing there. But did I mention it’s beautiful?

  14. Yeah many teams could be improved by trading for the best player in the NBA

  15. This chart is really just about inflation. If you adjusted this for inflation, you would have a very different chart

  16. 100%. I nearly quit twice during the course of working on SoFi. It's just all consuming. You wake up thinking about stuff you've still got to do, you work all day and never get enough done, and then you (hopefully) fall asleep at 2 AM. I've figured detail problems out in my sleep before, woke up, scribbled down the solution on a pad of paper next to my bed, and fallen asleep again. It's insane.

  17. Seriously, what’s up with that. Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and more all started in SF city politics. SF isn’t even the biggest city in the bay.

  18. I think part of it is that the Bay Area has higher voter turnout than LA County.

  19. Good question. I think the consequences are less about exclusionary cities losing funding... and more about them losing control

  20. He's been involved in LA politics for ages. He and Buscaino are the only ones who will actually do anything about the encampments overrunning our streets. Karen Bass is part of the problem, not the solution. She'll perpetuate the cycle of corruption that has been plaguing this city for decades.

  21. Not sure what you're getting at, but I love how you (try to) use the four Pulitzers as an insult.

  22. Ok Kareem, but people are allowed to be flawed, y’know?

  23. I don't think LeBron's stances have killed anyone. Chill out

  24. One solution would be to eliminate "commercial" areas that don't allow any housing at all. Single story retail is nuts in a crowded city.

  25. There's nothing wrong with this as a submission. Why are you mad that someone else spends their time gathering imaginary internet points?

  26. Yeah, Gimme Shelter is a great podcast. I'm happy to see it getting shared!

  27. Kevon Looney, currently a starting center on a winning team, would also be available.

  28. Russ has the best opportunity to play with some of the highest efficiency of his career this year. Those OKC numbers include when he was younger and more inexperienced, so you can give him some slack on poor decision making. They also include when he was asked to take on the lions share of the load on the team when KD left, so obviously efficiency will be down, and turnovers up. But now there just aren’t any reasonable excuses. Like he should not be averaging so many turnovers when he is being asked to do so much less. There is also is a statistic that tracks the shot quality that a player takes, and I was shocked to learn Russ statistically has the highest shot quality in the NBA. But I learned it’s because teams just straight up aren’t guarding him, so almost all of his jump shots register as wide open, thus a high quality shot per this statistic. Like he straight up shouldn’t be on the floor, he makes the team quite a bit worse, and that hasn’t been true his whole career. That’s the difference

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