Los Angeles: Christmas 2022

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  1. I secretly planned my departure for six months, with the help of a friend. I announced it several times during the many arguments I had with my family every day: Some day I will leave this house! , they laughed at me... then I will leave in two months! ...they laughed at me... then I will leave this weekend! , they laughed again. And the day arrived, they were shocked. It was the best thing I could possibly do in my life, no regrets.

  2. you can't talk to drunks, next time when he does something stupid wait until the next morning and the first time you see him tell him we need to talk, for example when he goes to use the bathroom and than tries to go back to bed. lol i realize this works because that is when i am sympathetic and probably pretty upset at myself already because of yesterday. I also don't think you should clean up the mess to the cage, he made the mess let him clean it.

  3. I like to pretend that our grandchildren are going to think we left bags of poop across the world because we think it is funny.

  4. Yeah i am super sad with my situation in life, but suddenly after reading his post things don't look so bad.

  5. took me a lot of attempts to quit drinking, my brain lied to me saying it would be harder and harder to quit each time. but honestly it was easier and easier.

  6. Big congrats on the 6 months mark, that's a huge feat. Keep it up!

  7. yeah i bet op also has a big nose.

  8. I work for a zoo. You can take a break and walk around and see the animals.

  9. I like to pretend the workers are animals if they are cleaning out a cage, i say ohhhh look at that one.

  10. My biggest stressor right now is that I need dental work done. I work full time and can’t afford to save a dime, my dental work is worth more than two months wages. Absolutely no idea what to do.

  11. Eventually i found cheaper options for poor people "sliding scale dentistry".

  12. Jealous of you both. My rent for an SRO is 75% of my monthly income lol. Yes, I live in SF, no I don’t work in tech. There are regular people who live here with nowhere else to go nor the funds to do so :’)

  13. I dream of renting an apartment someday. Also i am 40 years old, lol. do i win?

  14. Work super hard to you can own really expensive shit and then take photos of it and share it on social media.

  15. lol i spend way to much time quacking at ducks. Pretty sure they have accepted me as one of there own at this point.

  16. Guess he is not interested in elaborating any further. Thought he was serious about this, guess not.

  17. Or unlearn something we preached as settled science!

  18. Isn't that a metaphor which was explained shortly thereafter to have represented the gentile believers whom God made clean?

  19. Right Peters vision has nothing to do with what meat we are allowed to eat... thanks for pointing this out, his comment kinda irked me especially with all the upvotes.

  20. My common sense tells me if you are 30 and not showing signs of balding that you are worried over nothing. Balding is not something you just wake up with in the morning it is something that takes its effect over many years, i.e. receding hair line.

  21. i use 4 liter jugs, (a gallon i guess roughly for US people), it costs 50 cents to refill at the refill station at the local pharmacy. for the big water cooler jugs i think its like two dollars? so much cheaper than buying bottled water

  22. we understand liter because our 2 liter soda bottles are extremely common. But yes thanks for the conversion anyhow, cause most of us don't understand things like kilometers or celsius or many other things.

  23. maybe try this website instead

  24. I can get just about anything open. It's putting it all back together that I struggle with.

  25. Its helpful to take pictures while you are disassembling something at various points. That way you can show them to whoever you hire to put it back together.

  26. man i laughed and then got said after reading this. I can't even afford a van to go live down by the river in.

  27. I've never heard someone turn a light switch on or off so loudly as my mom.

  28. Get a loud fan and keep it on all the time, it helps to an extent.

  29. Oh it definitely is. This is just one of many examples. But I’m very non confrontational considering I have my own life and problems going with it. So if it goes down it goes down hard and I’m trying to postpone that moment.

  30. If you did you wouldn't want to come back as you are describing. Jesus does not turn people away who come to him, and it sucks if a priest said garbage like that to you.

  31. But if I come to him, the question is will it be out of genuine repentance or fear of judgement. I didn’t obey God and his commandments and now my love for sin has resulted in me not being able to repent genuinely.

  32. Sorry I am on phone and it's late. Your feelings are normal and honestly it might be a good thing, but don't think you can't attain salvation it's simply not true.

  33. Eh totally fuckin reasonable to not want strange men in your house so often

  34. Yeah my house is like that also except when I leave.

  35. Talk to your school counselor

  36. You probably already know this, but that is not enough in California. I'm at $20/hr, and I'm miserable and scared.

  37. It's plenty, just find 2 or 3 people and you can all share the same room in a house where the other house mates live. Richest country in the world...

  38. Where else specifically in America have you seen anything like this?

  39. I would totally own a house in the middle of nowhere.

  40. Wish I could figure out how honestly, I hate living near millions of people but for convenience I stay, sucks being poor I guess.

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