1. Concierge at a senior living facility. It’s like having 150 grandparents. Some of them are grumpy and mean but 99% are wonderful.

  2. I remember the one time I tried to do this on a Sunday. I get dressed in comfy clothes, and picked up some Wendy’s to sneak in. I noticed they’re abnormally not busy for a weekend but shrugged it off and went inside. Apparently a local church had rented the theater out for the morning and was having some kind of private service in there. It was so. Fucking. Awkward. Every head in the room seemed to turn to me. I busted the quickest u-turn and basically ran back to my car. I’ve got movies at home.

  3. This is exactly how I look when I wake up as well

  4. Nah, my guy gets some good shit, at least for right now. But if my one dealer ever stops selling, I’m fucked lol

  5. So did he just get sucked out from the force of the elevator going up at the end? Watching his lifeless body move like that is terrifying…

  6. Bring the bags to refill next time you reup

  7. My boyfriend has had his since launch and the only problem we’ve had is the overheating issue. I got mine in October of 2021 with no issues so far. Both upright.

  8. True. He’s acting very professional but I’m sure this will hit him hard.

  9. I have adhd and am currently trying to get prescribed on some kind of meds. I’ve reached out to a doctor but haven’t heard back yet. I tried to get a prescription with my primary, but of course they drug tested me and denied me 😐 does insurance require us to drug test? My boyfriend sees a doctor remotely and gets prescribed adhd meds that way, but pays out of pocket… I’m wondering if there’s a connection now

  10. I have these at my job as well.. every month or so we have to come in for a pointless meeting on a fucking Sunday. My boss is adamant about making sure we clock in as soon as we get there, though… but I would rather not have to come in at all than get paid for 30-45 minutes for something that almost always can be an email.

  11. Let’s talk about our boyfriends together 🤪

  12. Damn dude, don't be dming your dick pics to people for kicks.

  13. He’s already posted a ton of pics on his profile

  14. I use delta 8 all the time, gummies and vape. Not as good as delta 9 but can’t beat having thc shipped to your door in Texas 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. man i was looking at some on amazon the other day and decided against it... guess this is my sign to buy some hemp wick lol

  16. reading this as i smoke in my mom's house... i pay her rent and she has told me she doesn't mind. i'm sure your mom will calm down once the smell dissipates.

  17. Oooo I can’t wait to try this when I get home from work tonight

  18. did that bowl come with it or did you get it from somewhere else? i have a very similar one i got on etsy

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