After beating up his master, a former slave named Bass Reeves escaped to freedom during the Civil War. And years later, he became one of the most feared lawmen in the Wild West. As the first Black Deputy U.S. Marshal to patrol the region, Reeves reportedly arrested 3,000 outlaws.

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  1. You can find books. They’re in your satchel after you get them and yeah, you can read them at campfires.

  2. I’ll start, I think we noticed how Arthur developed from low honour to high honour throughout the game, with his sickness Arthur tends to do more good deeds, I think some of you noticed that.

  3. dennis rodman bruh rodman sounds intimidating as hell, also i forgot the name but his name and jersey number puts out AK-47 and thats hella cool

  4. This is best solved using elimination. Notice how the first equation has 10x and the bottom one has 5x, so they’re multiples. If you multiply the bottom equation by -2, it’ll be: -10x + 8y = 2. Then, the 10x and -10x cancel out and you’re left with 23y = 92, so y = 4. Then you can just plug it back in and solve for x. Any time you see that one variable in an equation is a multiple of another, solve by elimination

  5. No. No matter how crazy got, how insane his plans were, that was their father figure. The man that raised them for 20+ years. If you read Johns journal in the epilogue, he says his heart broke a little when he saw Dutch again. When Arthur’s dying, he doesn’t throw insults at Dutch, he simply says: “I gave you all I had.”

  6. Ryan Reeves (plays in the NHL) is a direct decedent of Bass Reeves. Pretty cool!

  7. Reaves has always been really fun to watch.

  8. What did you end up getting? Also in Ontario shopping for RDR2. :) I'll go the Xbox route if I have to.

  9. Thank you! I haven't tried building a PC before but heck, the price is nice. :) I really appreciate your help.

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