1. I love Kirk, but can you imagine Dimebag in Metallica?

  2. Judas Kiss has got everything, many riffs, kickass lyrics, long solo (wah but used well), very progressive like. 11/10

  3. My lifestyle determines my deathstyle, my lifetime determines my deathstyle!!

  4. This is from Home Video 3. It’s basically a shit ton of silly stuff like this. Should check it out if ya haven’t watched it.

  5. "using till is universally not accepted"? 🙄 You're wrong, til is the incorrect spelling. Till, until are the correct ones (they mean the same)

  6. Neither one has any grammatical errors, though the first one seems more common to me.

  7. Can't really pick one but if I must, it's Hollow (although the second half is sickkk)

  8. My interpretation is that "he is making attempts at betterment but life keeps throwing obstacles in his path"

  9. Currently on day 18, by far the furthest I have ever been

  10. Lars' statement from December 9, 2004, 2 days after the murder:

  11. Is it bad that Lou Reed singing Pumping Blood was going through my head while reading this?

  12. best to worst - bleeding me > the outlaw torn> the house that jack built> 2x4> ain't my bitch> ronnie> thorn within> king nothing> until it sleeps> mama said> cure> wasting my hate> poor twisted me> hero of the day

  13. There’s so many layers to this album, I love it

  14. I wonder why they didn't keep the extended version in the studio recording

  15. Phil would lose he messed his back up a few years ago…and spent some time medicating as a result. Now if you had said back then…probably Phil.

  16. I have a good relationship with my mother, so I've always had a soft spot for that song. I'm glad James allowed us to see more of his vulnerable side. Had they [Metallica] not released Nothing Else Matters, we probably would have never heard Mama Said.

  17. You make an excellent point. Metallica has VARIETY. I'm so glad all of their albums exist (I know people who wish James & co hadn't released some of the "controversial" albums)

  18. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  19. Definitely uplift is their worst song theirs just nothing special about it but other than that there’s not anything I can really think of

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