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  1. It kind of looks like she has unibrow and now I cant unsee it…

  2. She looks like a gecko that stuck on your bedroom wall…

  3. Počkej, mě to ale jako nevadí... aťsi je klidně z Ománu nebo z Gruzie, koho zajímá původ. Nikdo by se neměl stydět říct "I used to be Oman"

  4. For those who don't recognize the reference: it's from the radio shows. You can get them on Audible. Edited for spelling.

  5. Dont forget that lollipop in her mouth... gross

  6. Even as an artist I wouldn't know what to call his style but it's very colorful and abstract and psychedelic. Also it seems he has several distinct art styles - The finger oil paint one, the pointy angular cartoony crayon one he did for a lot of Boosh concept art and animations, the soft swirly crayon one, and the abstract overlapping different colored lines one.

  7. They are incredible for sure! I had it mind those acrylic (oil?) Painting, not really a fan of chalk/crayon stuff... Thx anyway!

  8. I would call it heavily inspired by fauvism and cubism with a bit of pop art on top. Look up Jean-Michel Basquiat, some of his work is similar.

  9. Basquiat is more of a small-pieces-making-the-big-picture, Fielding, on the other hand, feels a bit darker, messier...

  10. Jfc what a nonce... He deserved so much more than just biting

  11. Please OP, we need the recipe for this one! 😭

  12. Gothjuice. Made from the tears of Robert Smith

  13. Zalít kečupem a na večeři jak dělaný

  14. This is nof WTF, it's straight up ANIMAL ABUSE. FU OP for promoting this cruel moron!

  15. Cry about it. You don’t know if it is or not. There could be an engine in the back. There’s many possibilities. Everyone in this thread is making stupid ass assumptions.

  16. It's in the fucking video?! I study animal welfare, THIS IS ABUSE! You see cars passing by, its the road, dog with a harness, chicken in Tiny cage, seeing a predator, loud noises and nowhere to hide or run. It's swinging from side to side. Dogs can get hurt from pulling that stupid bastard and all that shit, add hurting his paws on concrete. Add frustration from nor getting the chicken, loud noises and cars passing by.

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