1. I love Zelda. This brings me back to my childhood 🥹

  2. Marijuana will be legalized in Tennessee the same year the Browns go undefeated and win the superbowl.

  3. One year, the browns will go undefeated and win the superbowl.

  4. Worked as a Lexus technician for 4.5 years. Get a Lexus but not the LS460. Too many problems. The front control arm bushings tend to rip and tear and the repairs alone will total out the car. There are 8 control arms up front and the labor to replace them is expensive. Thats just one problem.

  5. Aren't the problems mainly concentrated on the early 2007-2009 models?

  6. They changed the control arms in the newer body styles. I dont remember exactly what year it was

  7. Project Farm has a comparison video on YouTube. He goes super in depth with all his comparisons

  8. Fuck, how much longer I got with it roughly? Can’t get to a mechanic for a minute

  9. Theres no telling but not very long. Went with a ZSpeed CMAK kit when mine went out.

  10. Mine did the same thing on a 4 hour road trip to Alabama. I got lucky and it didnt completely fail until i got home. It was the CSC.

  11. Yeah theres a plastic piece behind the engine on the passenger side where 2 or 3 coolant hoses meet. Tends to leak from there. Its a common problem. I have to replace it on my G

  12. What? Who tf machines their rotors when they install new pads. Absolutely no need for that, the new pad takes the shape of the surface of the old rotor. You shouldn't use old pads on new rotors though. New rotor = new pads.

  13. Im sorry but youre an idiot. Quit spilling misinformation. This is “r/askmechanics”

  14. Also i hope those are the new tires. I can see the wear bars from here

  15. Could also have a bad tire with high road force.

  16. Why would you be grossed out? He liked you - politely spoke to you - you said no thanks - he accepted that politely and left you alone and wished you well.

  17. I think she was expecting him to find her on tinder and swipe right on her like the kids do nowadays duh.

  18. I have 3. Actually got a backwards car in one so im happy with my purchase

  19. Saw these kids at Nolensville Kroger and denied them real quick

  20. Loud cars. Their existence doesn't really hurt anyone, but I'm just so tired of hearing them anytime I walk outside. Really ruins the vibe

  21. I meannn i like a nice exhaust but when its obnoxiously loud like i can agree

  22. Im a Nissan service advisor and youd be surprised by how many people dont know about the maintenance reminder alerts.

  23. Glad I asked on here, my pops thought it was air pressure. My Audi used to be pretty exact with what was wrong. Appreciate y’all’s input.

  24. That super rig is pretty cool. Been looking for one of those

  25. I refuse to work at any Domestic dealership for this reason. I hate working on trucks. I especially dont want to work on your yee yee lifted truck with big heavy tires.

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