AITA for forbidding my sister to meet my child and telling my wife to butt out of the situation?

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  1. That’s like six wishes man. I just wouldn’t allow it. You can’t just turn a bunch of things into one wish because they said it all at once. One effect per wish dude dang.

  2. Probably an absolutely bonkers play set for my kids and I to play on tbh. I mean totally nuts. Multiple slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, water jets, you name it. We’re having a blast on that thing.

  3. The guy in the shirt. For so obviously making this whole thing up.

  4. Idk about everywhere but at least in the state I live in, in the US, you’re allowed to go up to 10 miles over the speed limit when passing another vehicle or while in the passing lane on the highway. So technically, where I’m at anyway, you absolutely are legally allowed to go faster than the posted limit in those circumstances.

  5. NTA. Regardless of any reasoning on anyones part, you have consistently had the same boundaries for the entirety of your relationship with your wife. She knew about them and accepted them when she married you. To go back on them now because “it’s my kid too and you can’t tell me what to do” is childish and incredibly inconsiderate of you and your boundaries.

  6. Testing your boundaries? You threatened divorce? Are you kidding me? YTA. You need therapy. You don't get to control your wife.

  7. Setting a clear boundary and realistic expectations for if that boundary continues to be trampled is not controlling. It’s literally the the exact opposite. Staying in a relationship and attempting to force the other person to do what you want is manipulation. Making it known you will be Removing yourself from a situation because you boundaries have been disregarded is the exact opposite.

  8. It for sure broke several laws. Plus I’m pretty sure biological attacks are banned by the Geneva convention? Lmao

  9. I'm pretty sure that only applies to war seeing as a lot of things against the geneva concention local police can do to civilians

  10. That’s a fairly good point. Both as a commentary on the social issues surrounding modern police and a possibly factual statement? I wasn’t sure if that only applied during wartime against enemy combatants.

  11. YATGA for sure in this circumstance and I hope Rob leaves you as he is obviously barely a plan B and you don't even see the issue with what's going on right in front of you. Almost kinda hope Rob finds someone else and cheats on you. By the way, your Anna isn't your friend she is your real relationship (romantic) and you don't actually love Rob. You and Anna probably are cruel to him and mock him behind his back. He's like entertainment for you and finally, he got fed up and you shouted him down like a misbehaving pet. You are not a good wife at all and you are treating your husband like crap. Divorce him and at least you'll be doing him a favor of ridding him of such a horrid person to be married to. He's far too trusting and caring for someone like yourself.

  12. So, can he divorce her and take half the house owned by the two women?

  13. Yes he could depending on the state they’re in. And OP would deserve it. But Anna wouldn’t. It’s a truly trash situation.

  14. I’ve been playing for about 3 and a half editions and when I started milestone existed but it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. I still use XP with my group, because it’s what I’ve always used even before I was the DM. I would be perfectly fine switching to milestone if my players wanted to tho.

  15. I’m not saying you should fight your boss. But I would have probably fought my boss.

  16. Mainly? You can do anything your character physically could do (assuming it makes sense in character) I will not stop you, pvp, murder hoboing, whatever, just don’t be a dick. If someone stops having fun because of you fix it or leave. Full stop. That’s about it. Also no meta gaming. (I play with other DMs and people who have been playing since the release of AD&D so it’s hard not to without being reminded sometimes)

  17. And why wouldn’t he? Can she tackle the toughest stains and grease marks, without making the colors run? Does she leave my shirts fresh and clean every time? Is she endorsed by minor celebrity tv sales-person Billy Mays? She could never.

  18. I actually like it. I hate the way Henry looks with his helmet on but walking around without one is just asking for a bad time.

  19. You can essentially tame tarrasques in 5e with a combination of dominant monster and 9th level geas. By casting dominate monster the tarrasque is essentially able to understand you(because you are telepathically communicating which means it can understand you telepathically), you then cast 9th level geas on it and ggez you control a tarrasque.

  20. If you aim to tame and you have access to ninth level spell slots your best bet would be through the use of simulacrum true polymorph and magic jar. Much harder to get rid of and it’s indefinite. And way more roleplay potential if your into that kind of thing.

  21. Wands of prestidigitation would probably be pretty popular.

  22. As many others have said before me, no one else can or wants to and I’d still like to play. I also do enjoy creating new worlds. Filling them with places and people. Creating histories and cultures and legends. The feeling I get when players enjoy interacting with what I’ve made is kinda neat too.

  23. Wizards would be able to use divination spells, to determine that Crypto was a stupid fake non-currency based solely on nothing and human gullibility, and then no one would have anything to do with it.

  24. Or, plot-twist: the wizards are the crypto bros. They know it’s bull but enough people don’t that they make a bundle while ruining people financially.

  25. NTA. At all. And the rest of the family should be looking at him when he’s at their homes. He’s a thief.

  26. The forgotten realms wiki has a pretty neat list of lots of words in draconic. Lots of lore has suggested at least some of the arcane language used in spell casting is at least similar to (if not outright) draconic. I’m currently running a homebrew world where the ancient world was ruled by dragons so all the cultures are heavily influenced by draconic cultures, so most of my names are in draconic.

  27. Infinite fusions does not have kingambit

  28. NTA. Kangaroos are savage as hell. All you did was highlight the severity of his potential mistake.

  29. YTA. you were very rude to a new employee who likely was just trying to talk through their own nerves, who you then assumed would, at some point, attempt to inconvenience you. The new employee did nothing wrong by talking about their life, not everyone maintains the same work life/home life separation and you were rude for absolutely no reason considering they have yet to do anything wrong. Apologize and move on.

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