1. Of course! That style sounds awesome for a boy or girl or anyone in between 😁

  2. Respiratory viruses (colds) are an established and common trigger for asthma exacerbations.

  3. So agree! It drives me crazy when people with colds walk around coughing and sneezing everywhere. Even if its not covid, I wish more people would wear a mask

  4. Second time sick in back to back months … I also wear a mask and gloves … I’m starting to believe our air is getting worse

  5. Depending on where you live, air quality is TERRIBLE this time of year 😵 I'm getting air quality public health alerts on the daily rn on my phone

  6. Any updates since this? We've blown past May 😭 Worried about it not airing at all given the censorship crackdown.

  7. Could it have been The Wizard of Earthsea? I dont remember a ton of the plot details but the main character is a young wizard who’s name is Sparrowhawk.

  8. Update with some more info: My family’s financial situation just got very dicey, and my account is linked to one of my parents. They asked me for a huge sum of my savings this week, and I’m worried that if I refuse they will just take it and I wont be able to cover rent+tuition without my savings. Even if that wasn’t the case, our relationship is pretty complicated and it was past time I separated my financials from them completely, because I have never known the details of how much control or supervision they have on my account (same parent set up the account for me and never gave me any info, just assured me it was for the best).

  9. Chase linked accounts are not a good deal for either party. But as the student, your parent can see all your transactions and access your funds as if they were their own. If you really worry that they will take your money, withdraw it as a cashier's check and walk over to another bank and open an account. You'll want a no-fee or low-fee account with liberal ATM privileges.

  10. Thank you very much, this is really helpful advice. I’ve done a little more digging and am now onboard with the advisement to focus on local places I can go in person— currently found one a friend recommended that’s really nearby and has a nice student checking account with no monthly charge and some extra things like ATM refunds. Thank you again!

  11. Hi there! I am also a huge reader, writer, and TTRPG fan :) Would love to chat if you think we might get alone, my own post is over

  12. A former co-worker of mine had a daughter with a complicated medical history and also SUPER bad allergies and she found a lot of relief by taking nettle capsules, so I definitely think having nettles in your tea is good. They also offer other positive health benefits.

  13. Ooo great to know! Any ideas on dosage by chance? My current plan is just seeing how much is in a tea bag or capsule haha

  14. I'm not sure about herbal interactions, but I did just take some ginger powder capsules on an empty stomach, and it made me nauseous! But YMMMV. I also love reishi for allergies and spirulina for calming inflammation in a pinch.

  15. The right four look like chives (mid top right), rosemary (most top right), sage (mid bottom right), and oregano (most bottom right) to me 🧐 Not sure about the four on the left-- basils seem a good guess, altho one also looks thyme-like to me

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