The evolution of Picasso’s style

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Cop opens fire

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  1. Trailer tomorrow, according to NEON's Twitter. Maybe OP saw it early somehow?

  2. The trailer played before a special screening of an older movie I saw last weekend. I think it's playing before any thematically appropriate movie right now.

  3. Teleporting would like a word with you.

  4. What new styles he adopted in his 90s and beyond?

  5. He died at 91. This guy meant that there were many more styles that Picasso developed during his lifetime that are not represented in these photos. For example, his "Blue Period."

  6. Gotta experience this robot situation before hating on it.

  7. Yeah, there's all these people in here hating and talking about tipping and shit. It's a robot server! It's fun, just check it out and see how it works. Automats and conveyor belt joints haven't really worked in this country, but just enjoy the novelty, people.

  8. My girlfriend informed me of a series of slasher films called Thankskilling, which are about a turkey monster that murders people. There’s a musical, the movies go in sequence straight from the first to 3 with no second one ever actually having been made, all normal low-budget wink-and-grin horror stuff that I’m excited to watch. That isn’t what I’m here to post about.

  9. Looks like a good example of a regional shot on video horror! But, obviously, not a great example.

  10. your "first bagel" doesn't have to be lox y'know.

  11. This is a good order. If they have it, “Lox spread” is great cause you get a good amount of lox flavor and it’s easier to eat without everything sliding around.

  12. Huh, I thought that the "letter A on an oval" logo was specifically for the Enterprise. Back on the 60s show, when they'd meet the crew of other Constitution-class vessels, those folks would have a different logo over their left breast. Have I always been wrong, or is that something they changed with modern Trek?

  13. In fairness, there's a lot about The Omega Glory that can't be explained.

  14. Oh man, you can’t be more right. Super overt racism and white people cosplaying as native Americans aside, they don’t even bother trying to explain the why of this “parallel” world at all.

  15. I totally thought it said "Satan is a Twink" and thought, "I gotta get that shirt."

  16. The Grove is the closest movie theater to me and I think I would really enjoy it if it wasn’t so touristy. I still enjoy the Farmers Market though.

  17. I always thought the movie theater at the grove was pretty decent. Sure, you have to wade through some touristy crowds to get there if it's the weekend, but it's still just a nice movie theater when you get in.

  18. I don’t understand the reasoning for how you’re responding to me unless you’re superimposing a tone of voice that you assume I must have had when I made the above statement.

  19. Putting quotes on “safer” makes it seem like you’re being sarcastic.

  20. Did you miss this part of my comment entirely?

  21. Of course. Just the owner, not the server. Guy should’ve stuck with his initial ban and not walked it back. If the restaurant is successful, not having Cordon coming regularly is not going to break them.

  22. I go to Balthazar occasionally and no James Corden is a plus for me!

  23. Vertigo. The first half plays out like a mystery. So that would imply that you're following the details closely as James Stewart's character is following a woman through the streets of San Francisco. It comes to a head when he sees her in a hotel window. He goes inside and asks the receptionist if anyone has checked in. She says no. He runs up and down walks up the stairs to see if he can find her (forgetting about his vertigo apparently) and sees that the room she was in is empty. So he leaves, the trail goes cold, and that entire scene is never explained. It feels like a complete waste of time building up to an illogical conclusion.

  24. This is the stupidest take. You can dislike the movie all you want, 'cause it definitely has some problems, but this reasoning makes zero sense.

  25. Not at all. If you just watch it again and look for cuts, there's 9 edits after the music accompaniment begins. And they're all very obvious cuts; they're not trying to hide them.

  26. This is just a repost from a karma bot unfortunately

  27. I’ve seen these in like every niche sub I’m subscribed too. Pretty fucking annoying.

  28. You can try to normalize the audio and see what that does. It will ideally make the two voices at the same volume.

  29. This is one of those weird repost bots. It reposts stuff once an hour with a typo in the title every time.

  30. The original analog video synthesizer that did this was called the Rutt Etra. You can achieve this using Trapcode Form.

  31. Okay, sure, I won't argue with that. The cop identified the vehicle as definitively being the same vehicle but of course he could easily be mistaken. Alot of people seem to be thinking that the cop thought the car was related to his call for service and was mistaken, which is not the case.

  32. Blaine's gimmick is he SAYS he can tolerate superhuman stuff, but he's still a magician and professional entertainer. There is always a trick.

  33. Is it a trick if you trained your body to do exactly what you say you're doing? Like the fairly well-documented frog regurgitation trick that he does? Here's a video explaining how it works and how past magician's have used similar bodily feats:

  34. I wish I saw how she hooked that ass cause that was on point

  35. The kicker got her leg caught in the non-green woman’s purse strap, I think. The kicker’s leg is up and she’s on one foot the whole video and I can’t really tell if she meant for her foot to get caught so she could do this move, but she def pulled it off!

  36. L reveals the audio levels property and key frames for that. LL reveals the audio waveforms.

  37. And pressing U and then U again quickly (like typing out “uu”), will not only bring up all key frames for a layer, but also show ANY property that has been changed from the default.

  38. Just to add to this, the angle looking at the empire state building growing is centered on the Williamsburg Bridge, which is longitudinally running along Canal Street. The WTC towers would be about a mile south (or left) of Canal, which puts them a fair bit outside of that camera angle.

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