AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. why is it childish to not have fun without alchohol when childs can't drink it .-.

  2. dont worry, you commented under my post, which never will get any attention.

  3. Last time I went down the path of building guitarix from code, I also decided I wanted to rebuild most of the libs from code as well for some reason. It took me most of three days to figure out how to properly build libfftw. I also remember some issues with all of the zita libs but that wasn't near the holdup that fftw was.

  4. Intersting! libfftw3-dev seems to be all I needed, at least in terms of compiling it successfully.

  5. so there are some docs (somewhere) that describe how to do it. but in essence you need to compile and install it twice, in two different ways. I forget exactly why as it's been more than a year since I did this. But if I find the docs about it again I will link it here.

  6. Two tundra orbit relay sats where the apoapsis just barley stays inside Kebin SOI. You won't need any more relays that than unless you get behind a moon. Repeat the process for Mun and Minmus and you will not be able to fins a dead spot in the kerbin system.

  7. I had this same issue. Was using some cheap ass 18650 batteries that were fucking worthless. Bought some quality ones which fixed my issue.

  8. It's the big CRT you should be afraid of, though unpowered for years it's unlikely to have anything on it.

  9. Some context might help. I see a circle on a black background. Could be lens coma, Or CoC.

  10. I'm pretty sure that 3.1.0 was pulled because it was soft-bricking some types of receivers.

  11. SM7B is dynamic and the SM27 is a condenser. these mics are designed to serve two totally different purposes. So the question arises: How do you intend to use this microphone. If you are in an environment the requires a lot of noise rejection certainly get a dynamic. If you are recording only where you have good attenuation like a studio, then the condenser might suit you better.

  12. yes! i was aware that one was dynamic and one was condenser. i am planning on using it in my home studio. it isn’t perfect but i am not planning on using it in an environment outside of that. i wasn’t sure which sounded better or if there were any pros or cons.

  13. Everyone should be on ears now. If I were to open a locals venue I wouldn’t even give a choice. Sell $30 Zs if they don’t have their own.

  14. Put an FPV camera on it. It could use the nose weight anyhow. If you fix the CG issue you are having it will fly a lot longer.

  15. So many Moxie haters. Stuff is delicious! Do you people not like ginger as well?

  16. Diesel is much sweeter than Moxie. :)

  17. Your Dish is fine but those drops under 2 seconds everbody gets them I get them 24/7 but they dont effect its performance, what your problem is during peak hours is congestion been discussed on here now about certain areas for 4-5 months, at this time there are too many customers and not enough infrastructure and bandwidth to accomodate them in which SL are promptly dealing with the infrastructure part by launching sats every week but take several months before they are in place and activated, bandwidth comes from the ground stations which seemed to have slowed down in deployment, and then they have implimented a soft cap starting next month to throttle those in any congested area when needed that use over 1 TB.

  18. I just got the regular version personally. I got mine before mar 2 came out, but there was a max option then as well. I would spend the extra money on CNC gimbals personally.

  19. betaflight latest need window 10 minimum. Simulator depends on which one you need to play. Most simulator need high specifications system. But there are some free sim which can still run in old system.

  20. Why not buy a normal frame and cut off the ducts

  21. I don't doubt that, but how does it stop let's say a missile?

  22. Well I see now, but still seems has a not to easy achievement to stop said missiles

  23. No. They are tax free and have always been so, because of their religious status. The bombardment came when the IRS was doing some inquiries about how legitimate they were. Of course they are illegitimate and them doing that makes them even worse.

  24. If the R&RHOF red hot chilli peppers can do tasteful covers, so can your band. I’ve heard John Frusciante do covers of Hendrix, the Bee Gees, the Ramones, Elton John, so on and so forth.. and he’s a literal genius musician. Ask your band if they think they’re better musicians than Johnny F. Show them a couple of covers that the chilli peppers did.

  25. do you mind a DM I don't really want all of reddit in there.

  26. Look for the #spam-zone therein you will find the truth you seek.

  27. Spiders are cannibals. They control themselves.

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