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  1. 4:22 because that’s 4:20 too!

  2. Sudden Suspension - As Good As It Gets

  3. thank you so much! this songs a banger

  4. was at this yesterday! such a great show

  5. There was a surprising lack of Pop Punk cover bands in our area. With the hype surrounding Emo Night the last few years, I thought we’d fix that…this was one of our first rehearsals with our new drummer

  6. emo night at mahalls? it’s the place to be!

  7. reincarnation but a pretty unique take on it

  8. free throw, youth fountain, like pacific, calling all captains

  9. The fusing is interesting and is probably the only thing that makes this more unique. Honestly that's a feature I'd like to see Pokemon do one day.

  10. check out pokemon infinite fusion if you haven’t before. it’s a fan game that takes place in the first two regions and you can fuse any 2 pokemon in the game together

  11. lemon slushee by klutch. i’m convinced that’s the reason i’ve been doing well in college while i haven’t been on adhd meds

  12. free throw will always be my recommendation

  13. my moms cats are named isaac and jedediah and the dog we had when i was a kid was named malachi

  14. acoustic version of four years on youtube is great

  15. that was a great song! i see myself in the crowd too

  16. 22 and it was either Take This to Your Grave by Fall Out Boy or The Silence in Black and White by Hawthorne Heights. both albums my dad listened to

  17. If Yami summons Slifer then I don’t think Deku has a chance

  18. machinist (tool and die maker) and currently in college

  19. so i’m the only one that likes godkiller?

  20. i’m 22 and love pop punk, however all my music taste comes from my dad lol. he took me to warped tour many times when i was a kid

  21. Our family's terrible genes stop with me. It's a shame cause I really like our last name.

  22. adoption is what i plan on :) you can continue the name without the genes

  23. tales of demons and gods is a good one

  24. look great man! i printed the demon blood sword myself so it’s great seeing posts like this

  25. one of the first big prints i made so not the best, but it’s mine :)

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