1. I once read from the team behind dragonball that only western fans care about whats canon or not instead of seeing something as canon within a universe. This was in reference to GT. I think it applies here and seeing if the CD Drama is canon or not. Since it was made by the staff same as this sequel wouldnt it be canon within the anime universe?

  2. Yeah, because that's the staff it was written by. If it's not written by the author it's not canon. You know this is the same drama CD where the characters have a tongue twister battle on top of Toga's bones and Sessomaru is fully ready and willing to do said tongue twister battle...

  3. Character development and closure for the staff and the fans. And of course, the whole thing was about proposals, sesshomaru came to realization that he doesnt want to be alone in the world. He went to his fathers grave to ask his father what to do, inuyasha them ended up being there and RIN came up with the idea. Of course sesshomaru is gonna do what ever he can for rin lol its so much his character and if you don't see that then idk man lol

  4. No its not considering he has learned compassion. HE LOVES RIN, and always has loved Rin. It isn't out of character at all specially with how they ended it in the Final Act.

  5. Yes girl. This was an amazing read, I wish there were men like this in Hawaii that aren't creepy or judgmental.

  6. You're doing pretty good :) keep going Anon!

  7. I can barely tread water at all and was totally confused how that dude was filming in the water and holding the camera at the same time.

  8. That's sickeningly beautiful. Oh my god.. definitely something I'd like to experience.

  9. I appreciate this. Akali is my fav of Kda

  10. As a Femanon, I feel like she could do better.. lol she just looks like her mouth isnt sucking at all..

  11. That was a nice read. Not too over the top sexy but just the right amount.

  12. Very nice :) all the sexes lol c'mon chapter4!

  13. LOL the memories are still good, putting them into words will be interesting to say the least

  14. You better make a story lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. This is literally the life I wanna live lol (besides the incest part, not my cup of tea IRL) but man oh man, that sex sounds like the best sex ever. Literally how I respond in sexy time and literally how I want my partner to be.

  16. Omfg.. yess!! Definitely a fantasy of mine when I was breastfeeding. Very well written, and holy shit the endings got me all rilled up. Definitely want me a dom one day lol.

  17. It's kind of bittersweet to hear that. On one hand, yea i wrote her as a pretty shit person in this scene, but goddamn am I attached to my characters.

  18. Ah man.. that's so fucked up.. win seems very selfish.. I dont like her lol poor bri :(

  19. Oh definitely. The biggest problem I have with my writer's block is that I never finish anything. I refuse to let this fall off like so many of my works before it.

  20. Well I for one will be very upset Anon if you dont finish this story bwahaha.. I understand writers block, but this ones gonna hurt if I dont see the conclusion πŸ˜‚ no pressure. Lol

  21. No more than I put on myself, no worries. Honestly, knowing I have such a dedicated reader is a massive boost. I've always been remiss to show anyone anything I've worked on. The anonymity of the internet has been a blessing.

  22. I'm glad I can help in that timy sence then Haha :) and yeah I can only imagine how it feels. I'm glad that you're comfortable enough to post :)

  23. I liked this one :) good background story and very cute interaction between Todd and Bri :) cant wait till the next one.

  24. Thanks, it means a lot to have someone following and commenting.

  25. Haha, well thank you. It's the truth though, unless you count terrible omegle RP'ing when I was younger

  26. Lol honestly, who hasn't had super terrible roping growing up πŸ˜‚

  27. Nothing wrong with that haha. Fillers are always good, sexy time all the time can be unrealistic lol

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