1. PvP matching was absolute trash , facing the same kind of problem where i could not able to play with someone equal to my rp and I’ve always getting an 13 or 14 star players with maxed z+ equips ,bro I’m just a newbie to this game and having A ranked equips , and some random p2p tells I’m having a skill issues 🤡

  2. Fuck goten I was robbed of LF cell 5 times because of him

  3. why you haven’t train him he’s an 8 ⭐️LL now

  4. Spent 10k cc on this banner and got shafted 🥲🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Was going to say meh when I saw the LLs but when I saw that UL gogeta, sheesh

  6. I’ve got him just on this ultra rising banner, and I’m soo lucky to have him with 10 stars in just two rotations !!

  7. When it comes to vpn we have to ask Mr.Pedo O💩 aiyya for suggestions

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