Urgent Care

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  1. Lead levels can be easily measured in the body.

  2. Do you have it all going to one place?

  3. Red cross often has needs for volunteers in many different roles if serving your community is important.

  4. Unless the next buyer is VA eligible, then I’ll keep eligibility

  5. Isn't there a super high cap on eligibility amount now though?

  6. I have been on a high dose of tramadol for 9 yrs. I hate it. They pissed test me every 6 months. Then won't put a prescription in. I have to call in every month and pray the doctor is in the states so I can get the meds before I run out and go through all The wonderful things that come with withdrawals. My kids want me to get off tramadol and for me to start taking delta 8 gummies. I've never taken any but all the research I've looked at says it would control my back and leg pain a lot better.

  7. You want primarily CBD not THC for pain. I recommend Green Roads Full spectrum CBD drops via the 50% veteran discount.

  8. They test your blood to ensure you are taking the addersll or to ensure you’re not taking other meds?

  9. This is a large underused park with a huge grass field and a tennis court to drive on.

  10. Mine just updated with a date today!

  11. Don't need a rating at all to do this. Just need to be enrolled in VA healthcare and have your primary care or specialist order it.

  12. My call was an hour late and they told me to call the 1000 number because it’s an appeal not a claim. The 1000 number gives less information than they do. I called my congressman so I can get some answers. Hopefully I’ll find some.

  13. Appeals are sooo sloooow. Good luck

  14. We made a sign of zosyn compatability (we do 4hr infusion) for each pyxis and calls dropped dramatically.

  15. I'm pretty sure they don't come over to blue button.

  16. Yes they do. My surgical report is in blue button under medical records from all my VA surgeries for my feet and toes and ankles.

  17. Oh good! Most likely it's not signed yet then. The surgeons sometimes take a long time to get them done!

  18. Ask the patient advocate to connect you to the person's supervisor, most likely the chief of primary care.

  19. Haven't looked at the list, but cbdMD has a 40% discount for veterans and people with disabilities. Can get some high quality CBD and THC supplements for way cheap.

  20. Green Roads is 50% off, Lazarus Naturals is 60% off

  21. I've had something called Irish scones that were basically the same

  22. Yes you can. Put your insurance on file at VA and it will happen automatically. Often it's delayed so you'll see the $8 refunded later. Keep up with paying the copays though they start calling for their money even if you know it will be covered by insurance later

  23. Yeah fill your pockets with catnip before you go out

  24. Yes! There are local and national resources under the name MOVE

  25. Thanks for this. I printed off their food list and secure messaged my PCM for some weight loss pills. 20 pounds and I will good.

  26. You'll probably have to go thru the local MOVE education/activity program before they offer you medication for weight loss but each place and patient is a little different.

  27. You can also get prescriptions from the urgent care filled at a local pharmacy. See question 5 on the link.

  28. I’m priority 1. Can I go to the emergency room under this same deal? Or is this just for urgent care? Urgent and emergency are separate options on the drop down menu.

  29. ER pays any facility doesn't need to be a network thing. Just go, and call within 72 hours to notify them.

  30. I don't know the technical name for it and have only ever ran into a couple in my lifetime. But basically imagine a metal whisk, and you cut off the bottom then cap all the point ends, use this to massage your noggin and it feels amazing.

  31. Sport clips does the shampoo for like $5 extra, free for veterans

  32. I just say I would much rather be healthy than to have this rating but this is all they will do for me me to help me carry on with everything I have to deal with.

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