1. Not that long. I was a daily user for years, also stronger opiates before that. I don’t know your dosage of course. I’m almost a year clean now with one very minor relapse. I can’t even really remember the physical WD. Don’t be afraid, it’s no worse than a flu and will be a distant fading memory soon. To be honest the mental and emotional part was and is a million times more difficult. Congrats on making this positive move, checking in on this sub was very helpful to me and still is!

  2. Can I ask how much you taking every day? I had an oxycodone withdrawal and it was horrific, so I really don’t wanna get stuck on Kratom if it can be avoided. Or I may just stop all together if I read here long enough

  3. I was usually taking about 10g per day. I took 30-60mg of oxy per day before that. I do not recommend using kratom to get off oxy, I needed to learn how to live without the crutch and the obsession and it only delayed that.

  4. Here’s my two cents. I grew up jewish. I found Christ in my 30s and have basically no friends and family who are believers now. Growing up, there were not many Jewish kids in my school. Mostly they got made fun of (not like someone wouldn’t be friends with them, but kids said mean things and teased them for being cheap or other common stereotypes). Because I was very self conscious and always wanted to fit in and don’t look particularly “Jewish,” I never admitted to anyone this was my ethnicity. My family is not religious so it wasn’t a big deal to do this. Was that persecution? I’d say no, just unfortunate sheep mentality and bullying. Now as a Christian adult, I feel a similar self consciousness in that I haven’t even told some of my closest friends about my conversion. Not because I’m scared of being teased, but because I don’t think they are ready to know the gospel. I didn’t accept Christ because someone pushed it on me before I was ready, quite the opposite. It’s a miracle really and I thank Him every day. I understand we are meant to evangelize and believe it! But in my experience, it’s been much more fruitful to be patient and listen for God to give you a signal for when someone’s soul is in need, or their heart is open. That all being said, objectively, despite that yes society has many “anti Christian” in values (promiscuity, greed, etc), there’s still a church on every corner. I live in rural America now and know that society will be much more welcoming of me as a Christian than if I was another religion. In cities, (I’ve lived in them too) people tend to ignore each other because there’s simply too many people to care, and there’s just so much diversity you could always find your niche. Calling “having to keep one’s beliefs to themselves” in certain situations persecution seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

  5. Thanks for sharing. This Christmas will be a year for me minus a one week relapse in September. Your story resonates in a lot of ways. Realizing I don’t deserve to be comfortable all the time and just embracing the boredom at times was pivotal in getting past the compulsion and obsession with opiates. Life is a gift, it’s not supposed always be on our terms, there’s beauty in the struggle too. Congrats on all the positive changes!

  6. Most don’t think about it at all or care. Some who are involved with hunting and farming believe that they are taking part in the natural cycles of life. Some believe they need these products to be healthy which to them is more important than whether they are causing suffering of other beings.

  7. Hi I am estranged from my family, they behave toxic.

  8. That’s tough. I’m not autistic but pretty much a loner with a lot of social anxiety. Thankfully my husband is also a big homebody. I struggle a lot with my relationship with my family especially my mother, so I feel ya on the toxic stuff. In the beginning when I quit I realized I was replacing the good feelings you get from truly connecting with others(even strangers on the internet) with being halfway high on kratom all the time. I had a lot of realizations about that stuff when I first quit, but now it’s all kind of far away and blurry to me. All I can say is that you will 100% be better without kratom, even if you don’t believe it now. It’s not easy and I still miss it and crave it sometimes, but seriously just waking up feeling normal without a craving is a worth striving for.

  9. Thank you for your lovely post. I do have confidence that if I try hard I will get off this stuff. My main worry is, financial insecurity and property worries that I have tried to tackle, and that resulted in me suffering a lot of stress And losing weight. I do not want you to tell me how bad it is, because well-meaning friends tell me it’s a nightmare and that just makes me feel worse. I fear that I cannot look after myself, that I will lose my independence, that I will be homeless, that I will be stuck with toxic people, instead of the peace and quiet of this flat, all because the old owner made structural alterations without getting permission and I have no money to put them right and fear is here it is only a matter of time before things start failing and the flat becomes unusable. The sad thing is it is in a beautiful area, nature right outside my window, it’s heartbreaking. It is this that made me turn to hard drugs in 2011. I know they are not the answer, I don’t know what is I have tried to see Help and disappointment after disappointment fills me with with despair. PS please excuse the errors as I am using voice to text.

  10. What is it about kratom that helps you remain financially stable and keep your flat? Other than feeling more productive, it’s really a waste of money that could be better spent isnt It?

  11. Beautiful testimony, thank you for sharing. God saved me from a long addiction too, after being an atheist my whole life. Praise Him!

  12. I was an atheist until 2 years ago when i was in a rough way i was in tenerife i went for walk alone and saw this cross at the tip of the mountain. I have never felt such a surge of wellbeing from that day had 10x more strength and quit all drugs, help whoever i can and thank the lord.

  13. Good job, It gets SO much better. 10 months clean(with one week long relapse a month ago), was and still is a big secret.

  14. Sometimes I’ve dosed at 4am after my toddler wakes me up because I have the sweats…so uncool

  15. It’s really night and day. I was clean for over 8 months and relapsed for a single week about a month ago (had the sense to throw it all away fairly quickly) and let me tell you that was the most noticeable thing. The way you feel waking up on that stuff, just like a zombie til you dose again, is SO not worth it. I’m admittedly a big coffee addict so I do wake up craving that but kratom is the absolute worst. You have probably forgotten, like I did, what just feeling normal and alive is supposed to be. So look forward to that! Better days ahead:)

  16. Thank you! I’ve been free for a week now :) Praise the Lord

  17. Watch David Wilkerson and Carter Conlon’s sermons, they work wonders for me. My favourite one for temptation is

  18. Thank you so much! I will listen to this as soon as I can

  19. Yes, we had people here who had a relapse after a year and they no longer got the desired effect from Kratom, the party was over. If you've been using kratom for a week, you've probably passed the window of time where it's just psychical. Then you will probably have some physical withdrawal symptoms again. 10 gpd isn't a very high dose though.

  20. Yup. I’m sure I am in for a little, at least insomnia as I’ve been sleeping In that kind of medicated haze where you wake up groggy even after 10 hours. Thanks for the reply.

  21. You had a slip, you recognized it quickly. Firstly commit, then throw it out, carry out your plan and manifest what you desire

  22. Thank you. It seems so hard until you realize it’s simple as that. Thinking of my life right now vs a couple weeks ago, there’s no way I can say this is better. Have a great day!

  23. You should eat at least twice this amount and be at least 140, no offense I’m a 120 lb female in my 30s and I eat much much more than you. If you really care about being healthy, ditch the vape and spend that money on a third meal each day. Same with the diet sodas. Have some fruit instead.

  24. Thank you for the kind words. Blessings 🙏❤️

  25. Very interesting…always figured it was cultural but it seems more involuntary, you are right I am an adult convert and have been doing this forever , along with all the unbelievers I know. It really is something to wonder about !

  26. Everyone is different and I am not a doctor but I recommend getting down below 10 and then CT, or even before that if your family and job can be understanding for a few days of “flu”. I don’t know your exact situation but I was only ever able to CT. I couldn’t have it around, no self control for a proper taper. I’m over 6 months clean now and all the excuses I used to make were garbage and meaningless compared to the benefits of being free and clean. Feeling again IS beautiful and IS worth it! Good luck, I’m praying for you!

  27. Congrats!!! That’s huge. I quit just before New Years myself. Gray feelings are a good way to put it, good riddance to that. It’s not an easy road but it gets better. Life on life’s terms. Not sure about the blurry vision, the physical stuff is so far behind at this point but I definitely didn’t feel “normal” for well over a month.

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